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This is Profile Info About Me. At This Age, Only A Summation Is In Order

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My story is not unusual, it is duplicated thousands of times. I wanted to educate myself so as to have a secured career and hoped that when it was time to retire I would be able to enjoy my old age. It did not happen.

After serving in Korea with the Marine Corps, and years in the college  of Business Administration at Miami University and the University of Cincinnati working my way through as a Fireman on The B&O Railroad, I took a job with a manufacturer of major appliance controls.. My first position was an instructor traveling the entire U.S conducting service schools for distributors and utility companies. This gave me an opportunity to speak extensively to large and small groups.  Two years later I was transferred into sales calling on manufactures of water heaters and heating and air conditioning equipment. Several times I had job offers from other companies but was promised  a life time job if I stayed where I was at. ( Yea, you've  probably heard that stuff before ) . After being transfered around the country several times and advancing in the sales channel, I was let go. It was the economy of 1981 that resulted in the company's failure which sent me out the door without even a handshake after the twenty years I worked there.

I will not comment on all that transpired through the years other than I did advance to a position of National Sales Mgr. with another large manufacturing company. That did not last long as they were purchased. This job loss happened at the beginning of the computer age and technology had not developed to help much in taking advantage of it. The online opportunities were not available like they are now. I then created my own Real Estate Company,  'Travis Keeton Real Estate', and tied it into the mortgage industry which became my main occupation for many years. Anyone knows that business is hot and cold. That is why anything connected to the growth of the internet like GDI,  is the place to be. This is the age of digital replacing analog. We will continue being amazed with opportunities as it is coupled with the wireless age that connects us to the world.

It is a different time now, as world of opportunities are at kitchen tables. We hear it referred to as " Home Based Income".  Actually, with a laptop computer, it is a business that is not just a home business, but rather it is a "Wherever you are Business." That is what my blog site is about. I intend to learn as much about utilizing the technologies and the worldwide communication channels to have fun, keeping my mind sharp at the age of 80 and succeed at my business... GlobalJunction.ws .

I invite anyone reading my blog to join with me and together we will succeed or have fun trying.

If you're interested in learning together please email me at www.travis@traviskeeton.com

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Thank You. If you try it, I will know and contact you for your opion

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