"Together We Can Succeed"

This post is educational based. As I see it, we have lots to learn.

Hi again,

So far in my past 2 post, I've introduced myself and stated my goals. Do I know how to use the internet? The answer is no. I mean I do not know all the methods and tools it offers to help me build an online home-based business. I know of them but not details about them. I'm learning and I am looking for others like me who understand the value of knowing the benefits if we use all available tools to get people clicking on our website sites and blog sites. All our efforts are worthless if nobody finds our sites.

I know we will be more effective if we reach the point someday of being able to manage our online marketing strategies. There are businesses that say they have years of experience and can save us time and money if we sign up for their services. That may be true but they once had to learn by the seat of their pants and it made them smarter than if they just bought their way into something already created for them. I believe that you can be distracted by signing up for some of the programs that are going to provide you all you need to know if you keep buying their books and programs to help you succeed in affiliate marking. One can spend so much time following their growing methods that you lose site of the business you are trying to promote. They are falling into the trap of growing the promoter's business and not their own.

As I write this blog using WordPress, I look smart. It's not really me, It's the program!  That's the way it is in the internet/computer world. Take advantage of it with me. Let's learn together as we build our respective affiliate businesses. I will start listing the two that I have signed up with in my next post.

You may be disappointed if you fail, but you are doomed if you don't try---BEVERLY SILLS



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