"Together We Can Succeed"

Here’s The True Facts About Selecting Your Direct Sponsor

I have read the comments of many people who have been involved with MLM marketing. By the way, GDI is a multilevel opportunity instead of an affiliate opportunity. A MLM program pays you not for just the people you sign up, but also you get paid for those that you sponsor when they get others to sign up down through several levels. Most affiliate  programs pays you commissions one time for each signups you get. That is why the MLM program is the best home business program for you. It has the very important residual income.

Now, the comments I have read from others involved in MLM about their sponsor is that you want to make sure you get one that is going to mentor you carefully and is there for you when you call. Here are the facts in the case of the GDI company. They provide so many tools to aid you every step of the way. After you sign up for the free seven day trial, they send you a "Welcome Letter" that is loaded with information to get you started. Then go into the member's area where all the tutorials are. Watch them. Scroll down the left side column clicking on every step and read them. Go into the Q&A area where there are answers to many questions you may have. Now, there is more;  GDI has an affiliate blog site "www.GDIaffiliateblog.ws"This is posted every week or two and keeps you informed on how to promote you business. Go to their Twitter and Facebook sites for constant information.

You will get a phone call from your direct sponsor ( Me I Hope ) after you join but you have access to the previously mentioned help from GDI. This is your business. You should not want to feel someone is frequently on your back pushing you. Also, I believe that if you seek a sponsor in the highest leader board standing, they are too busy. Most of them are established in other plans and may confuse you into immediately join all of them. There are so many of these successful online marketers that you can keep learning from by reading their blogs and watching their videos. Information throughout the computer about how to promote your business will help you. There are tons of it from Youtube sites.

Years ago, it was more important to choose a sponsor who would be closely connected to you. But, that was before the internet. I think it is better to get a sponsor that is just starting as together you can succeed.

Now here is the Free 7 minute movie telling about the 7 day Free trial--http://my.ws/tkeeton

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