"Together We Can Succeed"

Why Do People Join Global Domains International?

People join GDI for various reasons but in most cases it is they want to make money.It is a product that is needed . In this day and age we all need a domain and a website be it for a business or just social reasons. We also need an email site that is more personable. Global Domains International is not only offering a simple website, but also an income opportunity along with it. That is why it is a unique product. The opportunity offers a way for earning a sizeable income that is much more then do most affiliate programs.

With that said, why should you sign up for GDI. There was a quote once that said-"Trying to convince one against their will, leaves them of the same opinion still." I believe that is true. If you have watched the videos and seen the amount of help that is available in the back office and in many other places that will continually be available, but you still are not convinced, then it is because you do not have the "will" to pursue it.

I want to get started with a team of five that I will recruit and get started building it. The new members will have access to  instructions because there are so many already written and are available. You can see them here with this no obligation 7 day free trial by clicking on-----http://my.ws/tkeeton . GDI themselves have the tutorials and forums site (scroll down the left column in the back office) and click on the Forums. They also have the weekly blogs: www.GDIaffiliateblog.ws/ and their  Facebook and twitter sites for you to keep informed.

In addition to what GDI has, you can google GDI and find many sites where other affiliates domains are posted. Many of these contain not only massive amount of information, but also youtube videos. They will tell you about additional ways to grow your business, but I really believe GDI has covered all you really need. There is one thing that I have concluded and that is you should start with purchasing a few quality leads. GDI has ten for $30.00. That is three dollars apiece which is high, but these are tested leads with phone numbers for you to contact. The "invite" series of emails will get started to them. When you get a few first referrals in your down-line, I think everything makes more sense. The money spent for starter leads will soon be replaced with earnings. You will have communication started with others in your team and together you can succeed. You all grow together. The informative material about growing your GDI business that several affiliates have created can be very helpful educating you in any other business you might have.

In order to succeed, your desire for success should be greater than your fear of failure--BILL COSBY





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