"Together We Can Succeed"

The Only Place That Success Comes Before Work Is In The Dictionary

In this post and the next couple ones, I'm going to say things that I know will help me be successful. Writing down thoughts that enter into my mind and then reading them over and over again will create a mindset that supports building the right kind of attitude that enhances the growth of success in all of my future endeavors. It is my desire that my readers will do the same.

First, many of us are interested in becoming an affiliate of a successful MLM program because we need the money. There may be diverse reasons for us needing more money which could be caused by an adversity that we are faced with such as -the lost of a job, or an un-expected medical expense etc. Instead of looking upon the adversity with fear, we need to look at it as an opportunity. The fear we feel is of satan. I believe he wants to paralyse us into taking no action so that he can continue to make us loose our faith in turning to God for help. You see-adversity is really an opportunity for you to turn to God for if you believe the Gospel of Jesus' death, burial and resurrection, then God's spirit in you drives out the fear and helps us to get moving or get to work at something that overcomes the adversity.

Remember this! the only place success comes before work is in the dictionary.

Know this- " Life is like a wheelbarrel. You get no where unless you keep pushing forward. What this means is you must have the following traits: Persistence - strength -endurance, and the wisdom to accept that fact.

Please watch for the follow-up post to come.


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It is never too late to be what you might have been--GEORGE ELLIOT

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