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Something that I just thought of as I enter words in a new post is what am I doing? The reason anyone writes an article should be for the purpose of communicating an idea or message to the reader. The key word here is communicate. But what does communicate involve? It involves listening as well as talking. However, I am writing not talking. This requires the author of a blog site to always be aware it is a one way street since it is in the direction of the writer putting forth their views without the benefit of receiving responses immediately from the reader of those views.

When one who writes realizes the fact herein stated, it becomes important that care be taken to make their point while knowing their readers may have different opinions. Therefore, the author must make sure he or she conveys their points of views clearly. Writings must have a purpose that comes across in an easy to understand manner of what the author is trying to convey.

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This domain- http://incomeavailable.com is one I own which cost me around $9.95 per year. It is one of several other domains I have set up so that they are forwarded to any GDI replicated sites I might choose. That means I can have several web addresses, with top addresses such as--.com or .net or .org ,etc. all opening up to my www.globaljunction.ws or any GDI movie that  I may select. This means more domain addresses are helping prospects to find me. You can do this  also.

After the free 7 minute movie explains how  easy this opportunity works, it shows you how to sign up for a free 7 day trial membership. I will help you when I see you have joined.

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Start where you are, use what you have,do what you can---ARTHUR ASHE




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