"Together We Can Succeed"

Contentment Brings Happiness. Being Happy Enhances Being Successful.

Sometimes  we who write blogs to promote our businesses such as I do, find it appropriate to philosophize  once in-awhile.  I say this because I simply believe one's  attitude is most important in determining ones altitude.( how far you go towards your goals.) Here are some of my thoughts on this subject . See if you agree.

First to be successful in life, it is a must that one be content with where they are in their current circumstance. Contentment determines one's happiness.  Now think about this; being content requires being thankful. I think when we are content and thankful for what we possess, even though it may be far less then what we want, the stage is set for us to improve our position in life. God sees our heart and that we can be trusted with more, because instead of complaining, we see the blessings we have are better than many others who are having it worse.

With an attitude like this, things just seem to happen that results in breaks coming our way. Personally, I think it is God helping us by directing our thoughts.  Thoughts come into your mind from some source. Have you ever given thought to that statement? I know I have had several ideas over the many years that I have lived that had I acted upon them I would have been better off. However, I am still content and thankful with my life. I am grateful for what I have and will not allow myself to become sadden over how I messed up. I will count my blessings that I am alive and able to try again.

We all face challenges in life. It is how we handle them more then their outcome. If an athlete runs their best race but loses will remain content by being thankful he or she was physically able to run, then they can stay motivated to try again.

In conclusion, be content at whatever position you find yourself. Free up your mind from worry and fears. Have fun in seeking to find a new source of income such as is available here with GDI. Being content does not mean to quit working to better yourself. Always stay motivated to do that.

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