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The Global Domains International,Inc. is a privately owned company that is very successful as I believe most of you are aware. Their business is in a the very  important and widely used internet industry.

The following comments are my personal feelings.

The Internet's effect on the growth of new businesses, as well as older established businesses, is beyond a need for description. I understand it was created by the Department of Defense at tax payer's expense and has continually been under the control of U.S. authority. Now  the Obama Administration is moving to having the U.S. give up this control of the Internet to some international body that as yet is not known. I don't understand why the current White House thinks this is a wise decision. We know, China has been for years trying to censure what goes out through the internet. The many authoritarian regimes in the UN having control of what you may say and do with the internet is a huge chunk of your freedom taken away.

I think it would be the end of this business opportunity that is provided by GDI which I planned to take advantage of. I believe proposed switch is to occur in 2015. Congress is holding hearings on the most ridiculous decision among many of the Obama administration. I urge everyone to write and call the members of Congress to let them know we will not stand for this loss of our freedom to dictators to ruin and destroy the Internet.

Thanks for your help.

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