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Another GDI Income : Referral Contest And Bonus Opportunities

Here it is!  You can read about the referral contests and bonus opportunities. These are additional ways to earn money other than just the 5 level deep Uni-level recruiting program. Also, remember the earning opportunities at the- Http://www. worldsite.ws/tkeeton

Please click here to learn all about these great Bonus offerings that GDI has provided.  https://website.ws/kvlm2/contests.dhtml?language=english

Now here is good news that you may have overlooked. I try to think of everything.

Study the learning bonus qualifying requirement. It's not hard to qualify and is designed to motivate a quick start for you. Sign up for the 7 day free trial. During those 7 days , study your back office tools, then qualify for the $25.00 learning bonus. After the seven days, your first $10.00 for the first month starts. The $25.00 that you earn from the learning bonus covers that $10.00 you spent, and more than enough for the next month for a total of 60 days. So in effect, you have 60 days free trial plus $5.00 left over. If after the 60 days, you want to quit, just make a phone call to cancel. The number to call is in your back office.

It's not too good to be true, because it is true

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