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Freedom Is Not Free. You must Diligently Protect It

Please indulge me this piece of Freedom that I want to use to make an important statement.  Someone may think this is not the place to make the statement since this site is a business blog. Well, I think it is in keeping with the business theme of my blog because it exist due to the freedom we have.

In America we have enjoyed basic human freedoms thanks to our Nation's Founding Fathers and the Constitution that they wrote at a great sacrifice for each of them. I suggest you read about them if you get a chance.

After we got our freedoms and improved them subsequently with our Bill Of Rights , we have had to fight wars to maintain them. The sacrifices in lives and wounded are too many for most to comprehend. On various days throughout the year our veterans are recognized. We hear many speeches crediting them for the freedoms we have. That is as it should be because it's through them we enjoy the freedoms we have.

Now here is the main warning I want to make which is-- our politicians and bureaucrats can easily act to destroy our rights and freedoms. It can happen by design or by negligence. Either way it is up to us, the people, to become informed and stick together changing things so that our rights and freedoms are never relinquished.

By freedoms, I mean the opportunity to choose the following:  Your education, job, where you live and travel, your family life, your health care, your hobbies, your religion, your selection of friends and the right to pursue your happiness in anyway that doesn't violate the happiness of anyone else.

Beware of anyone in a powerful political position that uses their power in a manner for seeking more control of your freedoms so that they can use that control to enhance their own selfish goals. We see this in socialistic and communistic societies. Gaining power can be in the form of pretending to be a good humanitarian such as allowing illegal immigrants to cross our borders to take up residence, and get the financial help as if they are citizens of our country. Politicians often aid them in their law violation because they want their ethnic vote .

If our borders are not closed and protected, the rush of illegals can overwhelm us to the point that our whole system must be changed to accommodate  this influx. This would require controls be placed to handle the numbers which take away our individual freedoms because that is what more regulation and controls do.

I am OK for helping all in need by sending foreign  aid and missionaries to areas that may be suffering. I am for immigrants that come into  the United States legally. Perhaps we need to loosen the immigration requirements to speed up the flow.

I am just calling attention to the millions that come in violation of our laws making it almost impossible to locate and keep tract of them without lots of controls.

So many people want to come to the United States because of the freedoms and opportunities here. It will be a sad day when no one wants to come here  because we may no longer have the freedoms that they wanted and hoped for.

Our President along with other politicians need to enforce our immigration and border laws. They must understand if they don't, our freedoms for everyone will suffer.

"Victory belongs to the most persevering"--Napoleon Bonaparte

Now here is a very good video about world access to the internet.....Click here ....This is a Travis favorite

God Bless America

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