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“The need For Global Protection Of The Internet”..It’s Your Freedom Under Attack

Please read this blog carefully and comprehend it's content.

This blog, like the one yesterday that I wrote is about the most important concern of the citizens of the world. That concern is summed up in two words...."Your Freedoms"

Whereas yesterday's blog was my own feelings about dangers our country, The United States, is facing which could result in loss of some of our freedoms cause by an avoidable break down in our borders, this blog concerns everyone worldwide.

In April 6th, 2014, I wrote a blog titled.."Help save The internet" I suggest you locate and read it.  Then immediately click to ...http://www.worldsite.ws/tkeeton.  As soon as it opens, the very next thing -click at the top right on SEARCH NOW. Then immediately click on "Our Mission"  Please read this page carefully. Pay close attention to the paragraph titled " Today-Worldwide"

You can see from these articles that our Freedoms are under attack from several repressive governments with their dictatorial policies. It is a shame that there are such unscrupulous people in the world that dedicate themselves to harming others for their own perverse goals; however, it has always been this way and requires us to protect ourselves.

Global Domains International is dedicated to the project of truly.. offering the world freedom of access and security of internet content.

GDI welcomes you to join today in their global mission to protect Our internet.

"It's amazing what you can accomplish if you do not care who gets the credit"...Harry S. Truman

Thank You, remember to click on..http://worldsite.ws/tkeeton and follow instructions above.

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