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Economics Is About Money Supply. Info You Need To Know About Yours.

Hello again.  Thanks for reading my blogs. I can't say that enough because I really mean it.

This post is one where I again deviate from my GDI promotion to talk about another subject. I do this because I am really trying to give reasons for you to investigate ways that may help your financial future. So many people think their finances are in good shape if they have a nice savings account, a sizable IRA account, and lots of stocks and bond holdings. Also, they may have investments in Real Estate that they rent. All are good....OR are they?

These assets are  good and are better then not having  them, but it is not wise to think they are always safe and protected from loosing their value. I can say they are vulnerable and this was proven true with the collapse during this decade. Not everything was as bad as it might have been because of the bailouts which came at a high price to our National Debt. That debt is projected to grow by 11 trillion dollars in the next four years.

So, what I am saying, is we haven't seen the repercussion yet from what is going on. Most people will feel it later for sure. The politicians that are greedy and power hungry without any desire to be a Statesman are wanting to get their hands on your savings and IRA accounts. ( See the link below about Obama's plans for your IRA to become a.. MyIRA.  )The reason the masses do not pay attention to the causes of  the problem is that they have no knowledge of how the nation's money and banking system works. That has always been a gripe of mine with our educational system. I have said in previous post, that our most precious possession is our Freedoms. Once we lose most of them , all will know it.

The best way to protect our freedoms from diminishing is the maintenance of  our nation's financial system. The only way that is possible is to have the masses of citizens having a thorough understanding of how money and banking works. It's complicated, but is so important that it should be a required in depth subject for all schools beginning in elementary school. It also should be required that teachers and professors teach the facts of it right. I have seen some professors and book authors not do that.

If one has the truth and knowledge how money is created and values are affected, they would be closer to the biblical quote......" You shall know the Truth and the Truth will set You free"  That comes back to why I say that our precious Freedoms are protected only if  the people know the truth. There are unconstrained politicians that couldn't survive if we all had better knowledge of economics.

The page that I copied here is telling about another way deception is diminishing your money supply. I am not connected in anyway to companies marketing precious metals. They do tell the truth about what is happening .

What I am suggesting is to start thinking about capital preservation, instead of capital appreciation. That is like having insurance to protect yourself if it comes to a point your dollar currency becomes worthless.

I see precious metals like Gold & Silver that you could have stashed away as a life-savor. Of course we must continued trading with the dollar now in our everyday living. Keep it in your savings for emergencies and some investments.  You only should buy Gold & Silver with any excess money that you might have. If you have a large savings account, only use a portion of it that you could do without . It would be nice to have excess money to do that, which most of us do not have. That is why I promote GDI as a way to obtain some excess money that enables us to acquire Gold & Silver. There is comfort in knowing we have something that has intrinsic value offering protection. Look up the word "intrinsic" in a dictionary and you will see the major difference between it and paper currency.

I have had my own Real Estate Company.  If one can buy real estate at a low foreclosure price, it may be a hedge against the coming high inflation. However the governments at all levels look at that as their taxable source. The tax deductions one can take on their mortgage interest each year is being eyed now by the federal government's big spenders. They want  to take that deduction away. Politicians are greedy because they want to get elected and re-elected. They know they can act like a good humanitarian offering all things to voters. That would not work  if most of the people understood money economics.

I can confidently say, the masses are not going to change in wanting to learn about our money and banking system. The schools are not going to teach it the way they should.  That leaves little that can be done other than one important step that can be taken. That step is ..TERM LIMITS.  If a politician can't stay in office but for a short term,  they may be willing to protect our freedoms better.

Most educated politicians understand the M&B system and how the Federal Reserve  operates. For your info, the Federal Reserve is a private  institution created by the Federal Government , owned by it's member banks and has never been audited. It has power , lots  of power that can affect great control over our economy. The President appoints it's Chairman; so one may think they are controlled by our government.  Believe me, the Fed  lets it be known who is to be appointed and the President knows what side of the bread is buttered; so they get their way. The Fed has power to make or break the economic  conditions during a President's Administration.

Click here for  important information.....http://www.wholesaledirectmetals.com/index.php/gold-blog/609-obamas-myra-scam-your-savings-pays-for-us-debt


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