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This Is A Good Global Connection Even If You Don’t Want A Business

This post is written by me as a reminder to me that not all who lands on my blog site are interested in creating their own business. I can understand that because not everyone is wired the same way.

I also know that just suggesting starting a business can sound terrible because we all know most businesses fail. When many think about starting a business, a series of events enter their mind such as : large investment, high risk, borrowed money, time consuming creation of a business plan. long hours, employees to manage. and big head aches.

Well none of those concerns apply to operating this GDI Income opportunity. So, lets set aside thinking of this as a business for you, albeit is a good one.

Most people under 65 are familiar with using computers especially for emails. Some have large families and could use as many as 10 email addresses that are personalized such as Bob@BobSmith.WS/ Sure one can get free email addresses like hotmail, yahoo, aol etc. but isn't it nicer for it to be personal? Also, most people like to use social media sites like Facebook and Twitter. These require an email address so if there are multiple members in your family,  each could have their own social media site.

Having a self hosting website or blog site could be helpful. It is like your own personal social site. I know with facebook , you can set it to be just for those you approve to enter but being able to create a very personal design is just that---Creative.

The big plus is you are renting. That's what it actually is since there are no contracts and it is a flat fee of ten dollars per month. I cannot understand why it becomes a big decision to give this a try even if it is not for the income opportunity. The access to the back office where you have access to training material at no additional cost is unique for controlling a domain with it's emails, website/ blog site templates, wordpress.org ( better than the free wordpress.com) You could use it for affiliate income perhaps in the future.

All this for ten dollars per month and it stays at ten from year to year. Try that with most domains. Most start low for the first year then increases when you renew. Most require monthly  payment for a personalized email ( just one). Then they charge for hosting per month. When the sum of their total is revealed, you'll know GDI's is a fair price. You can cancel anytime and all of the $10.00 per month stops.

If what I have said doesn't make you want to try this GDI offer, then I understand it is because you are not willing.  If that 's the case, then it proves the truth in the saying...."convince one against their will, they are of the same opinion still"  I understand that, but glad you read this anyway.

Just in case you want to know more about it, then click here for a 7 minute flash video that already has your name in it......Http://my.ws/tkeeton

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