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Use GDI For Your Amazon Online Business, Or any Affiliate Business

Hello again.

I hope you have been reading my blogs. I jump around on topics so as to keep you returning in order to see what's coming next. It is not a bad idea as hopefully there is good information that might help you even if you already have your own online business.

If you do not have an online business yet and I have not convinced you that GDI's Affiliate marketing program is terrific, then that's Ok . Always remember however that GDI is an affiliate program operating in a MLM ( Multi Level Marketing ) format. That means it provides income from the sales of  everyone in your downline five levels deep. That is providing you residual income. It continues paying each month as long as monthly fees are paid. Most affiliate programs do not pay but once for each sale even though it may be a little higher commision for the one sale.

I know the old saying .."different strokes for different folks" which is very true. You may want an online business with the associating benefits of no boss telling you how to live your life. If GDI is not your cup of tea, maybe other affiliate programs are. Regardless, you still will need a website, or blog site to promote what you have to offer.

I pay my $10.00 per month to be able to have this Blog and emails and domain, but I use it for this GDI affiliate business. I could just as easy use it for a different business such as selling baseball cards or for promoting a pizza restaurant, etc.  Any business or hobby requires a website and domain. If you want a personalized email then you need a domain.

I have seen some critics say all GDI does is recruit people to the program and do not sell anything.  That is not true as it just shows they are not thinking. GDI is a business like GO-Daddy. By the way, they offer an affiliate program, but if you find them a customer , you get paid only once, not every month and not on other affiliates below them.

GDI could be a good choice for you as you select a domain name, hosting for your website and 10 e-mails for however you use it. If you use it for a different business you can have a primary website for that business and several blog sites. You could use one of your blog sites to promote GDI and earn money from any success you have with it like a secondary business at no more cost.

I am providing a link here, created by About.Com telling about affiliate and Amazon's programs that could be promoted with your GDI business. This is very informative.


The GDI company selling domains , and hosting  while providing 10 e-mails all for ten dollars per month, year in and year out with no contracts, where you can quit anytime, is a 'No- Brainer Choice'.  Others starts selling a domain name for $10 per year, then knowing you wouldn't want to change it after customers get accustom to it, the price goes up the following years. They charge about $5.00 to $10.00 per month for hosting plus about $3.00 per month for one e-mail .


You can sign up now at this spot......https://www.website.ws/signup/index.dhtml?sponsor=tkeeton&src=WPED&last_page=WPED

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