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A Business Opportunity Who’s Time Has Come.

Hello again ! I'd sure like to know some of you who may be reading my blogs.

I have been away for about a month as there are times that this happens to everyone of us. There are things that occur that re-directs our attention to other matters needing us.  Just a couple post ago, I talked about our time is what we must use wisely. Taking time-out is sometimes wise because the pause gives us a chance to think about important and necessary things for our lives.

I want to say a few words about using time to establish a business for yourself. There are many types of business but I only specialize in the easiest and less costly ones.  Those are the ones that do not risk a lot of money that one could lose.

As I see it, learning how to make money in direct selling, which is what Global Domain International is about is the best choice if you do not want to spend or risk a lot. However, there are many direct selling companies one can get into. That is what you want to watch out for as many are there that are not good. I'm sure there are several that do offer a good opportunity. I'd avoid the ones that were easy for someone to get started such as Vitamins .  There are just a few manufactures  of nutritional products that can put together a product with one's brand name on it and sold as a unique product that all must have.

Those companies require minimum monthly purchases to stay qualified to continue in the program. That is the main factor in the high drop outs. I remember the MLM telephone companies. They often failed due to technologies changing.

I believe internet access and domain and e-mails are here to stay. The hand held mobile devices utilizing them is the fastest growing industry in the world.

The time spent on this GDI business appears to be smart. However, it is a business that requires your attention and "Time"  In most cases it just needs one or two hours a day to get it started and running. You don't want to quit your day job unless it is so successful that now you can celebrate. It does require your time commitment , albeit so little. If you cannot commit one or two hours per day, you're not ready to do this.

Remember , the nice thing is once it is started, and you are drown away for a few weeks, you can recover and pick up where you left off.

Watch the simple 7 minute video that will entertain you as it provides all the details.


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