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I am always assuming that there are people who may notice that in my various posts, I will place links to sites that may help someone who might be considering starting an online business. Of course I hope that business is the one I promote which is GDI. However, it could be any other business, but regardless it still requires you to have  a domain ( Internet Address) and a hosting server as well as an email address. GDI has all this in one location and at a competitive price. They also have free tutorials in the back office you would have at your disposal. That would provide lots of information to get you started.

If you are like me, you like to learn about using the internet from several sources because you always pick up information from each one. Therefore, I list one here that is teaching about setting up a website by using WordPress.org. It is free information like all my other links that I send, and it is a well written and worth your time to investigate it. I try to place links or write things that may keep you coming back to see what is coming next. I think that is what a blog should do.

Here it is....Click  it...http://websitesetupguide.com/

Remember you can create your website or blog at....www.freedom.ws/tkeeton  It has a sign-in spot. Then go to the 'backoffice' where it list -create website in the left column.

You can contact my e-mail at- contact@globaljunction.ws

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