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Here Is Another Tip That Might Interest You

I realize the importance of the need to gather lots of leads from prospects to find your domain site in order to hear about your business that you are engaged in promoting.

I have stated in previous posts, that there are several methods to get leads, such as advertising, handing out  calling cards and flyers, making phone calls to acquaintances, writing blogs, and creating websites . But more than anything is to get discussions started among others to start talking about your business offerings. That is best accomplished by signing into the various Social Media sites. There are several  available and the list is still growing. Facebook is the largest.

I know I will have to start using them if I am to build a large group in my network of followers. Now, if you are like me and new at Social Media sites, you may have concerns about how they work and if you are giving up some privacy protection. The article that follows which I have embed into this post, will discuss some points of consideration that you should be aware of what may be involved. I will let it inform you as I don't have much information about it. I do not think it should scare you away from the Social Media sites importance in helping you grow your business, but rather skip through the terms even though they are long, so that you know more about your decision.

It is important to know we cannot have everything just the way we want it to be if we want to move ahead in life. That is just the fact of being alive.

To see the article, Click where I say ..HERE

Now here is another article found in New York Times that answers some questions that I have had about Facebook. Facebook clears up some of the questions and it is helpful. I suggest you read it since Facebook is a very good and most popular site. Click ..HERE  AGAIN

I personally feel Linkedin is not the best site for your GDI business because it is an individual business site. Linkedin is more for a site with employees or has potential for hiring employees. Isn't it nice that with GDI's opportunity, you do not have need of employees !

Also, If you haven't taken the ride of your life in the red car, then use the coupon and enjoy it. ..HERE'S THE RIDE

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