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Multi Level Marketing . Here are some Facts

Multi Level Marketing Is a form of business that you can become affiliated with to earn money from the sales of a product or services. What is good about the affiliate position in a MLM  situation is that you can earn residual ( Passive ) income that are earnings from the success of others in your downline sponsorship. Now that is very good especially if it does not require you to meet quotas every month to qualify for your commision from the downline sales for that month.

GDI is a MLM affiliate opportunity. All you have to do is sign up to a domain name from GDI and you are in business. It is a product that you use because you need a URL ( domain) address to get your business on line, no matter if it is your affiliate here or any other business you might have. You don't have to stock up on products, but rather you just need to keep a domain active by paying a small monthly fee like rent to keep your domain Hosted. (Active).

People are wrong if they say GDI only recruits and is not selling products. Most people don't join more than once;  but since it is a service that you receive monthly, you want to keep your  rent paid monthly. You don't pay by the year so that means you can quit any time and your cost ( rent ) stops.  Since you join without having to pay for anything but the actual service, it is not a pyramid scheme like so many short surviving start up companies that demand high cost just to join. That is  not counting their monthly qualifying purchase volume. GDI is only $10.00 to join and for this you get a domain address for anything you want to use it for. You get a website hosted on the company's servers and 10 email addresses. All that by itself is a fair price, but they pay you for just referring others to their services. They do all the selling with several items that they provide you for your help to refer others.

When I talk about GDI, I am not selling. I am doing a form of marketing. Marking is anything related to the success of getting a product or service to the end user with the end result of satisfied customers. Actually, I could be called a marketer instead of a salesman. I am not  trying to get you to buy anything. I am just referring you to watch the videos that GDI has created for you to see.

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