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The Importance Of Being Original In Blogs

Now that we have entered a new year, 2015, I think I will try to think  of some new ways to draw visitors to my blog site.
What I feel needs to be done in order to move upwards in the search engines such as Google, is to be original with pertinent  information as much as possible. I see lots of people promoting their GDI affiliate business by just creating a domain address and linking it directly to the replicated GDI sites without any added personalized content. This might work occasionally but it is not going to be successful often unless someone has an occasion to just click on their domain address and see it.
I think it is important,- but I need other experienced promoters to confirm that a business blog site is to discuss the overall business opportunity from the blogger's viewpoint and not just linking to their affiliate's websites. The affiliated company can get discovered in searches because they are strictly writing about their creation and it's benefits. They are not copying and repeating like many who just use a domain address to link to their affiliated company's websites.
I would love to hear some comments on this from expert advisors that know about these things.
Write to :  travis@traviskeeton.com
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Travis Keeton

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