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I really have a desire to learn more about how to do things with the computer along with others and help them create a business that they have been thinking about. It may be an online business or any other type such as retail; but If it is not known about, then you get an " F ". That means a failure.
Being online with a website , or a blog is the first important asset. Then next comes a business facebook location or one of the other social media sites.  Of course offline promotion such as newspaper ads, calling cards, flyers, newsletters and such always help.
This link below, that appeared in my email site that I have placed herin, is very instructive for creating traffic. There are lots of information if you click around it's blogs and inserts. I am going to look through it since it is free information.
Contact me at: travis@traviskeeton.com and tell me what you think. My blog is not like what the expert consultants say is the best way to write one.  I am trying to build friendships with the average person like me who may spend money in the future after adequate income is flowing into a business, but if it takes lots of it up front, then it becomes a precursor to dropping out. It's patience and persistence that counts in the end. That may be just my perspicacious manner but that is how I see it.

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Thank You, travis
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