"Together We Can Succeed"

About ME

I joined the Global Domains International  Company about 6 years ago.  I saw it as a great online business because it is one where there are no products to ship like so many other MLM companies. The product and service is one that will not be replaced by something else. People often have had that happened to them. Internet is here to stay even though it may be controlled differently. Lets hope not. President Obama has stated that he would like to see it be controlled by all countries instead of here in America where it was invented first for communication usage by our Military. That means taxpayers paid for it's development and the control of it should be maintained here in the United States.

This GDI business is explained in my blog on the first couple pages that remain in that position so that anyone can get to all the details about the company's services.

I am a Marine Corps veteran of the Korean War. Went there in 1953. Upon discharge in 1955, I went to College, majoring in Business/ Marketing. My next 20 years was with a large Controls manufacturer  where I was a sales engineer covering the entire US. That was because I was transferred  often. The economy of 1982 resulted in the company being purchased by a company in the UK. I was then hired by another as a National Sales Mgr. and transferred to Chicago.  Later they were in a hostile take over ,  so I started my own Real Estate Company, called Travis Keeton Real Estate. To help my success, I also worked as a Mortgage Broker. They  go together like bread and butter.

This Online business that GDI provides to us for such a low monthly cost of $10.00 is a no brainer. Even if you join not as your business to promote, it is fantastic for you to use in whatever type of business you have. There are no contracts or annual fees. It is a monthly program that you can quit anytime. You buy a Domain Name and get ten email addresses that are personalized such as ...Joe @Joe Smith.ws  Joe Smith being your domain name.

Well enough said, I am here to learn with you and to help you.

Thank You,

Travis Keeton