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Hi—I’ve Been Absent For A Long Time . Six Months

Posted by Travis Keeton

I have  never seen time fly so fast. I have been absent  to spend time learning  about Facebook . Because I am interested  in the Primaries, it has been the major news events.

I have decided to start spending more time getting back to this blog and make sure I catch up with  all the new news about the company --Global Domain International

Just check in when you can and we can learn together if they still have the fantastic easy  business to manage .


Thanks Travis


Yes I am Still Alive. Took A Needed Break

Posted by Travis Keeton

It has been longer than I thought since I have written. That is because I learned to use Facebook and that can result in occupying a lot of time. I wanted to do it so as to use Facebook as a way to get people to see my blog site and this business opportunity. I have added a page to my Facebook titled --Global Junction, but haven't advertised it or promoted it much. That is my next learning project.

In my Facebook page, I connected to a few known friends and that multiplied into a few more. I use it to comment on my conservative political views as upcoming elections will be the big thing. I also posted some comments that are a little more liberal social views but that is because I feel the Pledge of Allegiance contains words as --" With Liberty  and Justice For All"  As a Marine veteran, I take those words in the pledge as true. Our liberties are for all and if that contains the right to marriage regardless of  genders, it is their for them like it is for all of us.

Scattered throughout that Facebook post of mine are post of another MLM business that I have which is - I am an Amsoil Dealer.  I do not make my facebook page a marking page only as it is not. I just slip in details of that synthetic oil business that I first became a dealer in 1974.

Until next time- Have a Merry Christmas and a very safe & happy New Years.



GDI Is Truly A Global Company With Auto language Translate Functions.

Posted by Travis Keeton

Back in 2011, a notice was sent to us who are active affiliates which said----  GDI is committed to being an international company with affiliates all over the world. As such, we are always looking for ways to improve our international offerings. That's why we have now made it possible for anyone to use Google Translate when signing up with GDI.

Google Translate within the signup process is automatically set to auto-detect the language one is currently browsing in. For example,if a person has been navigating in Chinese, Google Translate will detect this and the signup pages will automatically be set to Chinese.

This will eliminate having to draft directions in order to assist foreign-language prospects during the registration process, in the language that is not their own. Navigating the signup process and pages will be simple as navigating the internet in one's native language.

GDI is an international company with a platform truly global.

Thank you,   Travis Keeton


July 4th. Freedom was not free. It still isn’t. We must stay Alert.

Posted by Travis Keeton

It's July 4th, 2015.  It is fitting to have a great day for celebrating if you are able, which I hope all reading this are.  I always try to concentrate what this is really about. Our New Nation was born, ( meaning given a new life ). We won Independence from being a colony of  The United Kingdom. It happened because they were not governing with the consent of the Governed. Overthrowing a government is not a bad thing when that is the situation. Freedom is too precious to have it taken away. Remember Freedom is not free. It is paid for with a heavy price of brave men and women to see it being taken away from us.

It says as in a section of our Preamble to Our Declaration Of Independence  that Government is instituted among men to protect our rights and if ever that government fails to govern with our consent, it becomes just and right to rise up and change that government.  We are witnessing this is creeping upon our Nation in the last few years . Obama's Administration is wanting to turn the control of the Internet over to an international body. This is important that he does not succeed in doing this. That is only one of the actions he is seeking to turn us into a Nation controlled by a New World Order where our privacy and freedoms are lost.

So , on July 4th is when each and everyone of us had better think about what we can do to be on guard to stay alert and not let what Obama and the liberals want to take from you.

Thank You, Travis Keeton



This Business Never Stands Still, But We Might

Posted by Travis Keeton

Hello , I am still here but took sometime off to study more social media sites on the computer to learn if I can utilize them in promoting the GDI Blog that I have had on here for a long time now. I learned a little that I will try to implement later perhaps if I see any  benefit  in doing it.

I have wanted to tell you of another MLM business Opportunity that I first joined in 1974.  It is a very well established company  and is in a very thriving industry.  Keep watching because I would like to explain in detail why I was so excited with it in 1974.

I will get back soon. Until then, keep looking at the GDI business that is a wonderful business to operate from your laptop wherever that might be.

Bye , see you soon. Travis


Low Income Help Information

Posted by Travis Keeton

I  just came across this information site that I think might help some of you with the financing of items we all incur sooner or later. When and if you have an online business paying substantial money to you, this will not be as important as it is now.

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This Conference Call Helps You Understand This Business

Posted by Travis Keeton

This is a recording of a conference  call from many that were once popular. Good info can be obtained from older calls like this.  Check it out by clicking   below.

Conference call here.


Here Are Answers To Why You Should Join This Online Business

Posted by Travis Keeton

This is a list of answers to the benefit of this business in case you are curious. You can click on the play button and hear about them. Just click below.

Now, remember this recording that you have just listened to, if you clicked to play, was made 10 years ago. This growing MLM worldwide business is alive and well and there are lots of happy people living the good life because they believed and got involved. It is not too late for anyone to get into it. It is not a risk of your money to try. That is because there are no contracts, no large monthly fees, you can drop out ( I bet you won't) anytime. You get your money's worth with the product as well  as a flow of income that will make others envious if they passed up this opportunity or never heard about it.

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