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Keep Learning How To Increase Your Ranking In The Search Engine

Posted by Travis Keeton

This post is perhaps very important for your information on how to help your search rating with Google.  We know how important it is since it is right from the 'Horse's Mouth" so- to- speak.  I hope they don't mind me providing this link for you to see and learn more about them. It is a short video along with written material about their requirements to help your ranking with them.

It is so important to obtain a good rating with Google in helping to move traffic to your blog and enhance your marketing success.

Just click where I say, and watch.

Click Here


WordPress.Org Mobile Apps Are Great For Your Business

Posted by Travis Keeton

A feature that is important to a huge majority of people around the world is the ability to view and write to your blog's posts on your Mobile units, such as Ipads, smart phones, be they -IOS (Apple) or Android operating systems. They can be downloaded at WordPress.org Mobile Apps.

In my case, since I do not travel much , I am satisfied with just my laptop. But the main point I want to make is- if your business is Global Domains International (GDI) where everything you need is online, it is like having a business in your pocket. Therefore, it is more flexible than a home business. You can post on the go, or edit your posts in your coffee shop. ( notice, I didn't say bar, but you can do it there if you're still sober.)

You've got the entire WordPress community in your pocket. That means, you've got an online business, one that is growing in usage and demand all over the world. It is one that cannot be replaced some day with new technology. There could be some new online connection techniques, but they still require an address to connect with. That is why GDI is a very good one to get into. Since it is an Affiliate business, all the major work is done by the Principle Company which is GDI. And, since the marketing structure is a MLM type, you get residual (passive) income from the success of others in your 5 level downline. IT CAN"T GET BETTER THAN THAT!.

The main thing, is you need to tell as many acquaintances as you can to watch the 7 minute video, or print calling cards and flyers to disperse freely that has the info on them. ( These are available for you in your back office as you try the business free for seven days.) I then think you should promote the company videos about the business on your mobile phones, Ipads or laptops.  The best way to accomplish that are the various social media sites. It 's called generating traffic and that is what my recent post were about.

Keep reading through my older posts for different links to several GDI videos that tell all about it.

Here is one video you can start with. Sign up for the 7 minute Video. It is impressive.



At My Globaljunction.ws Address, You Can Learn About Things

Posted by Travis Keeton

I am always assuming that there are people who may notice that in my various posts, I will place links to sites that may help someone who might be considering starting an online business. Of course I hope that business is the one I promote which is GDI. However, it could be any other business, but regardless it still requires you to have  a domain ( Internet Address) and a hosting server as well as an email address. GDI has all this in one location and at a competitive price. They also have free tutorials in the back office you would have at your disposal. That would provide lots of information to get you started.

If you are like me, you like to learn about using the internet from several sources because you always pick up information from each one. Therefore, I list one here that is teaching about setting up a website by using WordPress.org. It is free information like all my other links that I send, and it is a well written and worth your time to investigate it. I try to place links or write things that may keep you coming back to see what is coming next. I think that is what a blog should do.

Here it is....Click  it...http://websitesetupguide.com/

Remember you can create your website or blog at....www.freedom.ws/tkeeton  It has a sign-in spot. Then go to the 'backoffice' where it list -create website in the left column.

You can contact my e-mail at- contact@globaljunction.ws


Why Most MLM Income Opportunities Fail –But Not GDI !

Posted by Travis Keeton

Some of you have been involved in MLM marketing and you will understand what I'm about to say is true.  Here are the facts. Many big time MLM marketers boast about how many well known companies where they have risen to the top in sales.   They do this as they are trying to sell you a new one that you should get involved with.

I thought ," If you were so good in another company why aren't you still with them?" Many times their former company no longer exist, or if it does, it is playing up to new biggies coming up the line where  someday others like the pros will repeat the old story we all have heard before.

Here is what happens - these MLM professionals maintain a large member's list of their followers who will always  join with them again in  new ventures.   Then a cycle of events start over again. The people in the bottom level are having to buy a product or service that they pay for monthly. Usually the marketing plans are expensive and involves retailing a product. If the retail and recruiting slows down, the new affiliates accumulate inventory which they cannot use or may have to sell at a loss.  Because new recruits are at the bottom level, they have no one providing  them earnings like they are doing for those in levels above them, so they quit. That means a new bottom level is now established and being at the bottom, the same happens to them resulting in them quitting also. This continues until the big successful MLM leader gets into another company and brings their loyal followers with them. That is why they have been leaders in lots of companies and why a lot of you have quit.

GDI is so different. First it is only $10.00 a month  for a useable website with hosting . Almost everyone could use a website for a hobby or business. It is not just for someone using it as a MLM income business. For what you get , it is competitively priced.

If someone has a small business such as a home cleaning service for example, they could have a GDI website created with the help of their up line. This site could explain their cleaning experience , references and location of service. Then a link placed in their cleaning Business' website could tell their prospects that the GDI  business could earn them money from home over the internet that might be enough the cover the cost of the cleaning service.  That is just an example of  the flexibility of how this could be presented.

With GDI there would be very few that would fall from the bottom sixth level which provides the money to the levels above them.  That Means this is an INCOME FOR LIFE  business only if it is understood it's a good value even if it wasn't capable of producing income. It's usage will have huge potential with the growth of mobile IPods and tablets.

Click here for info about GDI and the 7 day free trial. ...Travis selection

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Another GDI Income : Referral Contest And Bonus Opportunities

Posted by Travis Keeton

Here it is!  You can read about the referral contests and bonus opportunities. These are additional ways to earn money other than just the 5 level deep Uni-level recruiting program. Also, remember the earning opportunities at the- Http://www. worldsite.ws/tkeeton

Please click here to learn all about these great Bonus offerings that GDI has provided.  https://website.ws/kvlm2/contests.dhtml?language=english

Now here is good news that you may have overlooked. I try to think of everything.

Study the learning bonus qualifying requirement. It's not hard to qualify and is designed to motivate a quick start for you. Sign up for the 7 day free trial. During those 7 days , study your back office tools, then qualify for the $25.00 learning bonus. After the seven days, your first $10.00 for the first month starts. The $25.00 that you earn from the learning bonus covers that $10.00 you spent, and more than enough for the next month for a total of 60 days. So in effect, you have 60 days free trial plus $5.00 left over. If after the 60 days, you want to quit, just make a phone call to cancel. The number to call is in your back office.

It's not too good to be true, because it is true