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The Power Of Pinning To Get You Found

Posted by Travis Keeton

This is a note about one important subject. It is about the power of pinning. Now, by that, I mean the power of pinning with using Pinterest to move traffic to your business site.

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Advice About Internet Security

Posted by Travis Keeton

Click on this where it says Click.  I will follow  up


Now here is another tip concerning something we all face sooner or later.



The Importance Of Being Original In Blogs

Posted by Travis Keeton

Now that we have entered a new year, 2015, I think I will try to think  of some new ways to draw visitors to my blog site.
What I feel needs to be done in order to move upwards in the search engines such as Google, is to be original with pertinent  information as much as possible. I see lots of people promoting their GDI affiliate business by just creating a domain address and linking it directly to the replicated GDI sites without any added personalized content. This might work occasionally but it is not going to be successful often unless someone has an occasion to just click on their domain address and see it.
I think it is important,- but I need other experienced promoters to confirm that a business blog site is to discuss the overall business opportunity from the blogger's viewpoint and not just linking to their affiliate's websites. The affiliated company can get discovered in searches because they are strictly writing about their creation and it's benefits. They are not copying and repeating like many who just use a domain address to link to their affiliated company's websites.
I would love to hear some comments on this from expert advisors that know about these things.
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Travis Keeton


More Info On Getting Your GDI Blog Site Found

Posted by Travis Keeton

Here is a source for good information that will get you started towards moving traffic to your blog after you join Global Domain International under me. Remember you have 7 Free days to check out the various information sources before you join. I want you to see there are many ways that you can find information to help you in getting your GDI Blog exposed and start generating the all important traffic to it. It is a slow learning curve for us neophytes but many of you are already experts and when you join, we all can work together to help each other succeed.That will be the way to grow our online businesses. I named my pinterest site "GlobalJunction"

You can click on to my Pinterest Site here titled ...http://www.pinterest.com/traviskeeton/

This type of business (GDI) is made for worldwide  sharing.  Now, more than ever since each country can create their URL Domain Address  with their own written language and not have to do it in the English alphabet .  See the details by clicking  Here.

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I’ll help you get a blog. It will start you into the business

Posted by Travis Keeton

I will help you anytime to get you signed and started in this business.  Getting started is the most important action in a new online business..

Remember, there are no physical products to be involved like it is in E-bay. It is about Domain names and associated services such as Emails , websites and hosting servers.  It is a product/service that is sold over the entire Globe. ( It's so simple that is why I call my domain --Globaljunction.ws )  Instead of .com which is over used, this is .ws/ 

The "W'S ' stands for website or in case of domains used in all  the different countries, it stands for "Worldsite"  ."You can read it and get it in print in over 50 languages. 

For only $10.00 per month ....".come on"  ..it's a 'No Brainer'  You can try it free for 7 days and see and hear about it in a short 7 minute movie that opens to you as soon as you click on where I say "This Spot"  It has no contract requirement, meaning you can drop it anytime by a phone call after signing up.  Here it is at ..... THIS SPOT   for the 7 minute video.

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You can send email to me. My Address is .......contact@globaljunction.ws

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Facebook and Twitter Are The Prime Sites For Social Media.

Posted by Travis Keeton

Hi again. Today I want to get straight to the point of how to join your twitter account to Facebook.  The information is on this location .Just click where I say click here on second page.  

Global Domains International has a presence on Facebook. It contains so much information. I suggest you click on it and then scroll around through it to learn some great material that will help you if you join GDI. Especially enter the photo section and look at all the items available for your consumption.

This is the GDI Facebook 

Here for the Second page

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Here Is Another Tip That Might Interest You

Posted by Travis Keeton

I realize the importance of the need to gather lots of leads from prospects to find your domain site in order to hear about your business that you are engaged in promoting.

I have stated in previous posts, that there are several methods to get leads, such as advertising, handing out  calling cards and flyers, making phone calls to acquaintances, writing blogs, and creating websites . But more than anything is to get discussions started among others to start talking about your business offerings. That is best accomplished by signing into the various Social Media sites. There are several  available and the list is still growing. Facebook is the largest.

I know I will have to start using them if I am to build a large group in my network of followers. Now, if you are like me and new at Social Media sites, you may have concerns about how they work and if you are giving up some privacy protection. The article that follows which I have embed into this post, will discuss some points of consideration that you should be aware of what may be involved. I will let it inform you as I don't have much information about it. I do not think it should scare you away from the Social Media sites importance in helping you grow your business, but rather skip through the terms even though they are long, so that you know more about your decision.

It is important to know we cannot have everything just the way we want it to be if we want to move ahead in life. That is just the fact of being alive.

To see the article, Click where I say ..HERE

Now here is another article found in New York Times that answers some questions that I have had about Facebook. Facebook clears up some of the questions and it is helpful. I suggest you read it since Facebook is a very good and most popular site. Click ..HERE  AGAIN

I personally feel Linkedin is not the best site for your GDI business because it is an individual business site. Linkedin is more for a site with employees or has potential for hiring employees. Isn't it nice that with GDI's opportunity, you do not have need of employees !

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