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This Business Never Stands Still, But We Might

Posted by Travis Keeton

Hello , I am still here but took sometime off to study more social media sites on the computer to learn if I can utilize them in promoting the GDI Blog that I have had on here for a long time now. I learned a little that I will try to implement later perhaps if I see any  benefit  in doing it.

I have wanted to tell you of another MLM business Opportunity that I first joined in 1974.  It is a very well established company  and is in a very thriving industry.  Keep watching because I would like to explain in detail why I was so excited with it in 1974.

I will get back soon. Until then, keep looking at the GDI business that is a wonderful business to operate from your laptop wherever that might be.

Bye , see you soon. Travis


Searching For Best Methods To Get Traffic To Our Web Sites

Posted by Travis Keeton

Hello again and welcome back.

I have been getting distracted easily the last couple months because so many things are happening  in the world. It is like a storm that has many facets such as strong winds , hail and flooding with an earthquake tossed in for good measure.

I mean of course the problems with the ISIS terrorist group and the Ebola virus causing so many deaths in Africa and now coming into our country. Then we have our economy problems along with the politicians spreading their propaganda as they seek re-election.

But, the solution from getting discourage and letting it get the best of us is to look at the bright side of things and pray to God for our nation as well as pray that the world events will turn for the better.  Along with doing that, we should not become distracted from our goals of staying the course in working for our success with our online business which I think is the GDI opportunity.

I am at a point in my promoting my GDI business where I need help. I need help in bringing traffic to my domain site and getting them to leave their email addresses so that I can set in motion the follow up with them so that they will join my team.  I get hits everyday but very seldom does anyone leave their contact information. If that happens to me, it is going to happen to you. I am open to any suggestion that anyone has to offer.

I am sure the best solution is to put into play social media sites such as; Facebook' business, Linkedin, You-tube, Twitter and maybe others. I do not know much about how to go about it, but I am sure if I go to some you-tube sites, there will be some that will help explain how to set them up. I also, will enjoy hearing from some of you who have successfully utilized Social Networking/media.

That will be what I will spend my time on next.  Keep in touch, or at least keep checking in on my blogs so that together we can succeed.

Thanks, Travis

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PS.  In keeping with the subject of getting traffic flow to a new web site, I just found this information that explains how to get started if you are like me and just investigating how you can get started getting traffic to yours. Traffic flow is how you grow your business. It always has been and always is the only way to grow a business. If prospects cannot find you, then all your other efforts are in vain. Here is a good site that will help explain a lot to help us. .....


Here is another good site to click on to see some good information on this subject. IT IS VERY GOOD! Click below


Finally, here is a good sample of a YOU- TUBE site created by a talented lady named Lisa. In this one she talks about Traffic. It is interesting.

Click Here--https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5MRoSX6_I8c&feature=relmfu


I Doubt This Message Will Be Understood

Posted by Travis Keeton

I doubt whoever reads this will understand the message I am trying to convey.

That first sentence may be received with :"   Then why write it"

The central theme of this post is about the word ...DOUBT. If I truly believe someone reading this post will not comprehend my message, then I have to be extra careful in my sentence structure or not waste time writing it at all. Doubts are good when they are used to help bring about caution and wisdom. This leads one to making wise decisions after carefully studying the situation.  So having doubts is an emotion that should be helpful only if it leads to enhancing your intellect that removes the doubt.

Here is what I want to convey. Don't be like most people and let doubts rule you. I read once doubts are a normal feeling that we must control, not let them control us. The facts are we all have weaknesses and inadequacies. Most of us know what our inadequacies are and we must admit them to ourselves so that we can overcome our doubts by taking charge of our weaknesses. How do we do that?  We overcome doubts by going to find help somewhere.

Where do we find that help? It is in many places. One is from mentors who are knowledgeable and experienced in the subject area, but there are many others such as in the search engines on our computers. Thank goodness we have access to them. I remember the old days when it required trips to the library and lots of researching. Even then we did not have the common man's advice like available on the You-Tube.

Know this ..If you must eliminate all possible objections first, then nothing will ever be attempted. Know that there will be left a modest amount of doubt which is beneficial. It just makes you search out the details and become knowledgeable. In one of my earlier blog post, I said it is wise to make decisions based on your intellect, not your emotions alone.

The trouble is that many people have magnificent, huge doubts that destroys them. I hope this does not happen to you. Doubts can prevent you from taking action. I think of the saying.." Nothing venture, nothing gained."  If doubts control you, it destroys peace and happiness in your life. Overcome destructive doubts by speaking positive convictions. Instead of thinking you can't,  think  you can.

We all have some doubts, but now I hope I have encouraged you to dominate them, don't let them control you. Doubts can make you wiser if used wisely. Don't hang around people who are spreading their doubts. We have enough of our own that if we are wise we will dominate them so that we can become successful.

Remember I said overcome doubts by seeking help. If you have doubts about the GDI opportunity then take my advice. Contact me or any knowledgeable  affiliate for help. I hope it is me, because I am trying to build-up my business. Since it is so inexpensive and no risk for a free 7 day trial, it must be doubts keeping someone from signing up for it. I see no other reason except perhaps you have all the money you want or need.

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Free Online Microsoft Courses That Includes Office 2010 & 2013

Posted by Travis Keeton

I must be on a kick to tell you about a couple of sites that you could find very helpful.

They relate to my GDI blog in that GDI is my main focus as I'd hope you will discover it to be an opportunity too good to pass up.

Then, I want you to see what you could do with more money that may prove someday to really help give you financial security. That's why I posted the benefits of owning Gold and Silver as a hedge against the possible demise of the dollar's value.

Also, I created a post to link you to a very good site providing important information about financial subjects such as debt instruments, mortgages, and real estate .

Now , tonight I discovered a good site providing free online courses that are varied and may be of real interest. Anything FREE that is worth while is not a bad consideration. I can assure you there are lots of free training available to all our GDI affiliates in our back office. We all know that there are lots of free tutorials on u-tubes.  But this one looks special. If you start an online business, you will want to learn as much as possible about the instruments that Microsoft has available such as Office 2010 and 2013. These are great teaching videos where you learn at your own pace. Best of all, they are quality and FREE.

Everytime I find links that I think will motivate you to use GDI as your Home Biz to earn income and anything that will help you get online internet FREE training, I will post it for you. Nothing wrong with that!

This is the site for the various free courses sponsor by Goodwill Industries........http://www.gcflearnfree.org/.....IT"S VERY GOOD!

"together we can succeed"


Do You Have A “Learning Curve” Holding You Back?

Posted by Travis Keeton

I have experienced the learning curve phenomenon throughout the years I have been in sales.

I could write extensively about this problem, which it is a problem that affects society and businesses in many ways. However, blogs are to be short and to the point. Therefore, I bring it up as it relates to those who suffer from it as they consider joining GDI as a way to earn money.

I define learning curve as the reluctance to learn and accept a new approach to accomplish what you are currently doing. Let's look at an example which may be what you are doing or thinking about doing. Many people work part time in a job to augment their income because of needing more money. These jobs are usually low paying jobs but the reason they stay in them is because they know what is required of them, such as what time to start and stop and what they are supposed to do. They know who to report to if something needs an explanation. For this, they get their weekly pay that is fixed and not expected to change.

I think that is pretty disgusting. Here is why; If a person is willing to set aside the same amount of time to work, and be persistent in working the system every day, and know how to call  information sources when they need help, they can have hope of greater income success. It is putting in the effort that a boss would require, but now you are your own boss. Tell yourself what is expected of you and know you must do it or loose your income, like being fired. Also, tell yourself if you do your job well, you are going to get raises with no limits.

All that is required is you must accept this is a new approach that can end in a better result. (That is overcoming your Learning Curve.)  It is being willing to step out of your comfort zone. That  is very important if you want to get ahead in the business world.

Do not be afraid. You can do it if  you put forth the effort and be persistent.  Together we can succeed.

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"The most difficult thing is to act, the rest is merely tenacity"--Amelia Earhart

"The rich happiness of effort well spent, makes life worth living"....Travis Keeton



Contentment Brings Happiness. Being Happy Enhances Being Successful.

Posted by Travis Keeton

Sometimes  we who write blogs to promote our businesses such as I do, find it appropriate to philosophize  once in-awhile.  I say this because I simply believe one's  attitude is most important in determining ones altitude.( how far you go towards your goals.) Here are some of my thoughts on this subject . See if you agree.

First to be successful in life, it is a must that one be content with where they are in their current circumstance. Contentment determines one's happiness.  Now think about this; being content requires being thankful. I think when we are content and thankful for what we possess, even though it may be far less then what we want, the stage is set for us to improve our position in life. God sees our heart and that we can be trusted with more, because instead of complaining, we see the blessings we have are better than many others who are having it worse.

With an attitude like this, things just seem to happen that results in breaks coming our way. Personally, I think it is God helping us by directing our thoughts.  Thoughts come into your mind from some source. Have you ever given thought to that statement? I know I have had several ideas over the many years that I have lived that had I acted upon them I would have been better off. However, I am still content and thankful with my life. I am grateful for what I have and will not allow myself to become sadden over how I messed up. I will count my blessings that I am alive and able to try again.

We all face challenges in life. It is how we handle them more then their outcome. If an athlete runs their best race but loses will remain content by being thankful he or she was physically able to run, then they can stay motivated to try again.

In conclusion, be content at whatever position you find yourself. Free up your mind from worry and fears. Have fun in seeking to find a new source of income such as is available here with GDI. Being content does not mean to quit working to better yourself. Always stay motivated to do that.

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Build you own dreams, or someone else will hire you to build theirs--FARRAH GRAY