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I’ll help you get a blog. It will start you into the business

Posted by Travis Keeton

I will help you anytime to get you signed and started in this business.  Getting started is the most important action in a new online business..

Remember, there are no physical products to be involved like it is in E-bay. It is about Domain names and associated services such as Emails , websites and hosting servers.  It is a product/service that is sold over the entire Globe. ( It's so simple that is why I call my domain --Globaljunction.ws )  Instead of .com which is over used, this is .ws/ 

The "W'S ' stands for website or in case of domains used in all  the different countries, it stands for "Worldsite"  ."You can read it and get it in print in over 50 languages. 

For only $10.00 per month ....".come on"  ..it's a 'No Brainer'  You can try it free for 7 days and see and hear about it in a short 7 minute movie that opens to you as soon as you click on where I say "This Spot"  It has no contract requirement, meaning you can drop it anytime by a phone call after signing up.  Here it is at ..... THIS SPOT   for the 7 minute video.

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You can send email to me. My Address is .......contact@globaljunction.ws

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This Is The Blog That I Will Provide For You. It’s GDI’s Creation As A Gift To You When You Join

Posted by Travis Keeton


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I Just Had To Add This To My Blog Site. The US Constitution Free Course

Posted by Travis Keeton

Hi again,,

I just received this in one of my emails and since it is from a very good source, I felt I wanted to link it into my blog so that anyone interested in our US Constitution may want to take advantage of the free course. We must guard against our own government violating our constitutional rights. Our freedoms are under attack from someone almost all the time.

Thank you..  I am Travis and always thinking of everyone that may read my blogs. Just click on the address below for information on signing up for the course.


Now after you get registered, and have your username( usually your email name), then you can sign in to start the course at ----https://online.hillsdale.edu/login

This is a fine college that I wish all Americans knew about and take advantage of learning more about how to protect our freedoms.



Direct Selling Has Many Benefits For You

Posted by Travis Keeton

Hello again. I've not written anything for about three weeks. It seems time passes so fast as we get older and I should know at my age.

The one great thing about the Global Domains International business is it can be started and operated at any age. That is what I like about being involved in Direct Selling especially if the direct-selling company has been in business for awhile and has a proven track record which GDI sure does have.

Direct -Selling is what you do when you join and sell GDI's product directly to the consumer. There are no middle-man or shipping, stocking or anything. Actually there is no selling if you can just refer others to the GDI's Corporate video sites where they do the selling for you. One of the best is their 7 minute video that will call you by your name as they tell you all about this money making home business that can be yours. Click here--http:.my.ws/tkeeton

I want to point out they offer you access to all the training you need. I've seen people that become a" training junkie". They spend so much time seeking motivational workshops that they forget to go out and sell the product or in this case, refer others to the video.

The best part about this opportunity is once you get it started and it takes off, you earn money from others people's efforts. That is known as passive income from your own business. Just the sound of that is better than hourly income from only working by the hour.

But maybe the best part is you join a team of people with similar interest and dreams to accomplish something that is good for themselves. As a result, you could build lots of new friends. Whether you get involved in this or another business, what will make you successful is your desire to help other people. Seek that first and let the other benefits that come your way be your reward.

Thank you for reading my comments. I hope to hear from you at -- travis@traviskeeton.com

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A Business Opportunity Who’s Time Has Come.

Posted by Travis Keeton

Hello again ! I'd sure like to know some of you who may be reading my blogs.

I have been away for about a month as there are times that this happens to everyone of us. There are things that occur that re-directs our attention to other matters needing us.  Just a couple post ago, I talked about our time is what we must use wisely. Taking time-out is sometimes wise because the pause gives us a chance to think about important and necessary things for our lives.

I want to say a few words about using time to establish a business for yourself. There are many types of business but I only specialize in the easiest and less costly ones.  Those are the ones that do not risk a lot of money that one could lose.

As I see it, learning how to make money in direct selling, which is what Global Domain International is about is the best choice if you do not want to spend or risk a lot. However, there are many direct selling companies one can get into. That is what you want to watch out for as many are there that are not good. I'm sure there are several that do offer a good opportunity. I'd avoid the ones that were easy for someone to get started such as Vitamins .  There are just a few manufactures  of nutritional products that can put together a product with one's brand name on it and sold as a unique product that all must have.

Those companies require minimum monthly purchases to stay qualified to continue in the program. That is the main factor in the high drop outs. I remember the MLM telephone companies. They often failed due to technologies changing.

I believe internet access and domain and e-mails are here to stay. The hand held mobile devices utilizing them is the fastest growing industry in the world.

The time spent on this GDI business appears to be smart. However, it is a business that requires your attention and "Time"  In most cases it just needs one or two hours a day to get it started and running. You don't want to quit your day job unless it is so successful that now you can celebrate. It does require your time commitment , albeit so little. If you cannot commit one or two hours per day, you're not ready to do this.

Remember , the nice thing is once it is started, and you are drown away for a few weeks, you can recover and pick up where you left off.

Watch the simple 7 minute video that will entertain you as it provides all the details.



Use GDI For Your Amazon Online Business, Or any Affiliate Business

Posted by Travis Keeton

Hello again.

I hope you have been reading my blogs. I jump around on topics so as to keep you returning in order to see what's coming next. It is not a bad idea as hopefully there is good information that might help you even if you already have your own online business.

If you do not have an online business yet and I have not convinced you that GDI's Affiliate marketing program is terrific, then that's Ok . Always remember however that GDI is an affiliate program operating in a MLM ( Multi Level Marketing ) format. That means it provides income from the sales of  everyone in your downline five levels deep. That is providing you residual income. It continues paying each month as long as monthly fees are paid. Most affiliate programs do not pay but once for each sale even though it may be a little higher commision for the one sale.

I know the old saying .."different strokes for different folks" which is very true. You may want an online business with the associating benefits of no boss telling you how to live your life. If GDI is not your cup of tea, maybe other affiliate programs are. Regardless, you still will need a website, or blog site to promote what you have to offer.

I pay my $10.00 per month to be able to have this Blog and emails and domain, but I use it for this GDI affiliate business. I could just as easy use it for a different business such as selling baseball cards or for promoting a pizza restaurant, etc.  Any business or hobby requires a website and domain. If you want a personalized email then you need a domain.

I have seen some critics say all GDI does is recruit people to the program and do not sell anything.  That is not true as it just shows they are not thinking. GDI is a business like GO-Daddy. By the way, they offer an affiliate program, but if you find them a customer , you get paid only once, not every month and not on other affiliates below them.

GDI could be a good choice for you as you select a domain name, hosting for your website and 10 e-mails for however you use it. If you use it for a different business you can have a primary website for that business and several blog sites. You could use one of your blog sites to promote GDI and earn money from any success you have with it like a secondary business at no more cost.

I am providing a link here, created by About.Com telling about affiliate and Amazon's programs that could be promoted with your GDI business. This is very informative.


The GDI company selling domains , and hosting  while providing 10 e-mails all for ten dollars per month, year in and year out with no contracts, where you can quit anytime, is a 'No- Brainer Choice'.  Others starts selling a domain name for $10 per year, then knowing you wouldn't want to change it after customers get accustom to it, the price goes up the following years. They charge about $5.00 to $10.00 per month for hosting plus about $3.00 per month for one e-mail .


You can sign up now at this spot......https://www.website.ws/signup/index.dhtml?sponsor=tkeeton&src=WPED&last_page=WPED


Time Is Something To Think About

Posted by Travis Keeton

In many of my post I write about ways to motivate my readers and that may come across as I am just another motivational author 'Wanabe' . That is not true at my age now. I just have the benefit of years of observation, experience and training that urges me to say something that may help someone considering the Online Business I am promoting.

There are plenty of books, tapes and seminars for those willing to learn how to succeed. It is difficult to talk about an Online Business Op that someone may be interested in without motivating sentences. So that means I may continue pointing them out as they are good reminders for all of us and are not geared to just the  business I promote, but they apply to all life's habits and endeavors.

One of these days I may write a post about a very important subject that so many of us take for granted and let it go to waste which is a real screw up. That subject is "Time"

I might do that sometime, or maybe next time but it  can happen any time either in night-time, day-time , summertime , a sad time or happy time. 

All those time elements I purposely just stated is to alert you that time is as important as the food we eat. We should take notice of what consumes our time. Our time is limited and should not be wasted.  The word is used all the time. ( oops , see I can't say much without that word.) Think about how you use your time is my advice. You probably never realize how often we use that word in our conversations. Get a good dictionary and look  up the word 'Time" .  I bet none of you have ever done that. It's because we use it so often from so early in life that we think we know what it means. I did look it up and it took more space then any other word. It means more than what you may think. Check it out! If not now, next time.

Thank you.

It takes very little time to watch the short video that rides you in a red car to it's site.




Economics Is About Money Supply. Info You Need To Know About Yours.

Posted by Travis Keeton

Hello again.  Thanks for reading my blogs. I can't say that enough because I really mean it.

This post is one where I again deviate from my GDI promotion to talk about another subject. I do this because I am really trying to give reasons for you to investigate ways that may help your financial future. So many people think their finances are in good shape if they have a nice savings account, a sizable IRA account, and lots of stocks and bond holdings. Also, they may have investments in Real Estate that they rent. All are good....OR are they?

These assets are  good and are better then not having  them, but it is not wise to think they are always safe and protected from loosing their value. I can say they are vulnerable and this was proven true with the collapse during this decade. Not everything was as bad as it might have been because of the bailouts which came at a high price to our National Debt. That debt is projected to grow by 11 trillion dollars in the next four years.

So, what I am saying, is we haven't seen the repercussion yet from what is going on. Most people will feel it later for sure. The politicians that are greedy and power hungry without any desire to be a Statesman are wanting to get their hands on your savings and IRA accounts. ( See the link below about Obama's plans for your IRA to become a.. MyIRA.  )The reason the masses do not pay attention to the causes of  the problem is that they have no knowledge of how the nation's money and banking system works. That has always been a gripe of mine with our educational system. I have said in previous post, that our most precious possession is our Freedoms. Once we lose most of them , all will know it.

The best way to protect our freedoms from diminishing is the maintenance of  our nation's financial system. The only way that is possible is to have the masses of citizens having a thorough understanding of how money and banking works. It's complicated, but is so important that it should be a required in depth subject for all schools beginning in elementary school. It also should be required that teachers and professors teach the facts of it right. I have seen some professors and book authors not do that.

If one has the truth and knowledge how money is created and values are affected, they would be closer to the biblical quote......" You shall know the Truth and the Truth will set You free"  That comes back to why I say that our precious Freedoms are protected only if  the people know the truth. There are unconstrained politicians that couldn't survive if we all had better knowledge of economics.

The page that I copied here is telling about another way deception is diminishing your money supply. I am not connected in anyway to companies marketing precious metals. They do tell the truth about what is happening .

What I am suggesting is to start thinking about capital preservation, instead of capital appreciation. That is like having insurance to protect yourself if it comes to a point your dollar currency becomes worthless.

I see precious metals like Gold & Silver that you could have stashed away as a life-savor. Of course we must continued trading with the dollar now in our everyday living. Keep it in your savings for emergencies and some investments.  You only should buy Gold & Silver with any excess money that you might have. If you have a large savings account, only use a portion of it that you could do without . It would be nice to have excess money to do that, which most of us do not have. That is why I promote GDI as a way to obtain some excess money that enables us to acquire Gold & Silver. There is comfort in knowing we have something that has intrinsic value offering protection. Look up the word "intrinsic" in a dictionary and you will see the major difference between it and paper currency.

I have had my own Real Estate Company.  If one can buy real estate at a low foreclosure price, it may be a hedge against the coming high inflation. However the governments at all levels look at that as their taxable source. The tax deductions one can take on their mortgage interest each year is being eyed now by the federal government's big spenders. They want  to take that deduction away. Politicians are greedy because they want to get elected and re-elected. They know they can act like a good humanitarian offering all things to voters. That would not work  if most of the people understood money economics.

I can confidently say, the masses are not going to change in wanting to learn about our money and banking system. The schools are not going to teach it the way they should.  That leaves little that can be done other than one important step that can be taken. That step is ..TERM LIMITS.  If a politician can't stay in office but for a short term,  they may be willing to protect our freedoms better.

Most educated politicians understand the M&B system and how the Federal Reserve  operates. For your info, the Federal Reserve is a private  institution created by the Federal Government , owned by it's member banks and has never been audited. It has power , lots  of power that can affect great control over our economy. The President appoints it's Chairman; so one may think they are controlled by our government.  Believe me, the Fed  lets it be known who is to be appointed and the President knows what side of the bread is buttered; so they get their way. The Fed has power to make or break the economic  conditions during a President's Administration.

Click here for  important information.....http://www.wholesaledirectmetals.com/index.php/gold-blog/609-obamas-myra-scam-your-savings-pays-for-us-debt


What is projected with the decline of our currency is described here. Click Here

 PS. Just saw this. Check and see what you think.  Click Here