"Together We Can Succeed"

Yes I am Still Alive. Took A Needed Break

Posted by Travis Keeton

It has been longer than I thought since I have written. That is because I learned to use Facebook and that can result in occupying a lot of time. I wanted to do it so as to use Facebook as a way to get people to see my blog site and this business opportunity. I have added a page to my Facebook titled --Global Junction, but haven't advertised it or promoted it much. That is my next learning project.

In my Facebook page, I connected to a few known friends and that multiplied into a few more. I use it to comment on my conservative political views as upcoming elections will be the big thing. I also posted some comments that are a little more liberal social views but that is because I feel the Pledge of Allegiance contains words as --" With Liberty  and Justice For All"  As a Marine veteran, I take those words in the pledge as true. Our liberties are for all and if that contains the right to marriage regardless of  genders, it is their for them like it is for all of us.

Scattered throughout that Facebook post of mine are post of another MLM business that I have which is - I am an Amsoil Dealer.  I do not make my facebook page a marking page only as it is not. I just slip in details of that synthetic oil business that I first became a dealer in 1974.

Until next time- Have a Merry Christmas and a very safe & happy New Years.



The Power Of Pinning To Get You Found

Posted by Travis Keeton

This is a note about one important subject. It is about the power of pinning. Now, by that, I mean the power of pinning with using Pinterest to move traffic to your business site.

Just check it out here


Traffic Promotion Information Here

Posted by Travis Keeton

I really have a desire to learn more about how to do things with the computer along with others and help them create a business that they have been thinking about. It may be an online business or any other type such as retail; but If it is not known about, then you get an " F ". That means a failure.
Being online with a website , or a blog is the first important asset. Then next comes a business facebook location or one of the other social media sites.  Of course offline promotion such as newspaper ads, calling cards, flyers, newsletters and such always help.
This link below, that appeared in my email site that I have placed herin, is very instructive for creating traffic. There are lots of information if you click around it's blogs and inserts. I am going to look through it since it is free information.
Contact me at: travis@traviskeeton.com and tell me what you think. My blog is not like what the expert consultants say is the best way to write one.  I am trying to build friendships with the average person like me who may spend money in the future after adequate income is flowing into a business, but if it takes lots of it up front, then it becomes a precursor to dropping out. It's patience and persistence that counts in the end. That may be just my perspicacious manner but that is how I see it.

Click  on this Here

Thank You, travis

Keep Learning How To Increase Your Ranking In The Search Engine

Posted by Travis Keeton

This post is perhaps very important for your information on how to help your search rating with Google.  We know how important it is since it is right from the 'Horse's Mouth" so- to- speak.  I hope they don't mind me providing this link for you to see and learn more about them. It is a short video along with written material about their requirements to help your ranking with them.

It is so important to obtain a good rating with Google in helping to move traffic to your blog and enhance your marketing success.

Just click where I say, and watch.

Click Here


I’ll help you get a blog. It will start you into the business

Posted by Travis Keeton

I will help you anytime to get you signed and started in this business.  Getting started is the most important action in a new online business..

Remember, there are no physical products to be involved like it is in E-bay. It is about Domain names and associated services such as Emails , websites and hosting servers.  It is a product/service that is sold over the entire Globe. ( It's so simple that is why I call my domain --Globaljunction.ws )  Instead of .com which is over used, this is .ws/ 

The "W'S ' stands for website or in case of domains used in all  the different countries, it stands for "Worldsite"  ."You can read it and get it in print in over 50 languages. 

For only $10.00 per month ....".come on"  ..it's a 'No Brainer'  You can try it free for 7 days and see and hear about it in a short 7 minute movie that opens to you as soon as you click on where I say "This Spot"  It has no contract requirement, meaning you can drop it anytime by a phone call after signing up.  Here it is at ..... THIS SPOT   for the 7 minute video.

Leave your email here

You can send email to me. My Address is .......contact@globaljunction.ws

Thank You


WordPress.Org Mobile Apps Are Great For Your Business

Posted by Travis Keeton

A feature that is important to a huge majority of people around the world is the ability to view and write to your blog's posts on your Mobile units, such as Ipads, smart phones, be they -IOS (Apple) or Android operating systems. They can be downloaded at WordPress.org Mobile Apps.

In my case, since I do not travel much , I am satisfied with just my laptop. But the main point I want to make is- if your business is Global Domains International (GDI) where everything you need is online, it is like having a business in your pocket. Therefore, it is more flexible than a home business. You can post on the go, or edit your posts in your coffee shop. ( notice, I didn't say bar, but you can do it there if you're still sober.)

You've got the entire WordPress community in your pocket. That means, you've got an online business, one that is growing in usage and demand all over the world. It is one that cannot be replaced some day with new technology. There could be some new online connection techniques, but they still require an address to connect with. That is why GDI is a very good one to get into. Since it is an Affiliate business, all the major work is done by the Principle Company which is GDI. And, since the marketing structure is a MLM type, you get residual (passive) income from the success of others in your 5 level downline. IT CAN"T GET BETTER THAN THAT!.

The main thing, is you need to tell as many acquaintances as you can to watch the 7 minute video, or print calling cards and flyers to disperse freely that has the info on them. ( These are available for you in your back office as you try the business free for seven days.) I then think you should promote the company videos about the business on your mobile phones, Ipads or laptops.  The best way to accomplish that are the various social media sites. It 's called generating traffic and that is what my recent post were about.

Keep reading through my older posts for different links to several GDI videos that tell all about it.

Here is one video you can start with. Sign up for the 7 minute Video. It is impressive.



Need Help Getting Leads? Then This Will help You

Posted by Travis Keeton

"Leads-Leads and Leads"  That is what we all want if we have a business online. The term "Generation" is frequently  used because we never want to stop generating them because they are the life line to your business. Now. we know they are not the only necessity. We must know how to convert leads into hits on our email or website. Then if a prospect leaves their email address on our contact landing page, we have a way and permission to follow up with them directly or with autoresponders. It is a series of steps, but very important steps if we want to convert leads into sales.

When you enter into this site by clicking where it says "Click Here" you will see how great it is in going into detail. It will keep linking you into different topics that all have to do with creating leads and other marketing tips. That is why making money with your computer makes sense. You are never alone when you have access to so many tutorials where you grow in knowledge. I will be glad when I get that knowledge along with others and we get on Social Media sites to share the experience of exchanging information as we make money. When the motive is to help each other more than just making money, the later will just happen. I believe that and it is why I say"Together we can succeed"

Global Domains International (GDI) will have landing pages for your use on their replicated video websites. A landing page is where a prospect can leave their name and email address. A good one is at--www.my.ws/tkeeton. We have others but this is a short easy one  for the prospect to complete. However, I have located a very complete in depth site that will cover the subject of leads and their conversions that should help you if you are new at all this and enjoy getting good info that may help you. It is here for you to just click on it.

Click Here


Multi-Casting Internet Marketing With Social Media

Posted by Travis Keeton

Hi again.

Yesterday, Nov.3rd, I informed you of the rapid changes in the growth of technologies that affect us in many ways. The development of these changes bring with them some great opportunities for online marketing that you may be considering. It doesn't matter what your product or service is, Your marketing prospects must know you exist or all your efforts are in vain.

I said in my previous post, just before this one that I was giving you a site that contained lots of courses, many of which are free, especially the ones teaching the various Social Media sites that are important in bringing traffic to your business. I think it is necessary to incorporate Social Media as the main method getting your prospects to find you. It is what I will be concentrating on studying so as to get masses finding my Globaljunction.ws site in order to build my online internet business. Remember, I am new at all this. That makes me a good upline sponsor for anyone coming into the GDI program." Together we can succeed " has always been my motto.

I just located this Udemy course which I think summarizes what I was saying in yesterday's post. It should be watched by anyone before going any farther into seeking traffic to your business site. Please click on the link below and give it your attention. It is saying what I was saying about the technologies changing our marketing landscape.

Click here..https://www.udemy.com/multi-casting-internet-marketing/#/