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Posted by Travis Keeton

I really have a desire to learn more about how to do things with the computer along with others and help them create a business that they have been thinking about. It may be an online business or any other type such as retail; but If it is not known about, then you get an " F ". That means a failure.
Being online with a website , or a blog is the first important asset. Then next comes a business facebook location or one of the other social media sites.  Of course offline promotion such as newspaper ads, calling cards, flyers, newsletters and such always help.
This link below, that appeared in my email site that I have placed herin, is very instructive for creating traffic. There are lots of information if you click around it's blogs and inserts. I am going to look through it since it is free information.
Contact me at: travis@traviskeeton.com and tell me what you think. My blog is not like what the expert consultants say is the best way to write one.  I am trying to build friendships with the average person like me who may spend money in the future after adequate income is flowing into a business, but if it takes lots of it up front, then it becomes a precursor to dropping out. It's patience and persistence that counts in the end. That may be just my perspicacious manner but that is how I see it.

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Thank You, travis

Here Is Info To Help You Learn More About The Internet

Posted by Travis Keeton

I have a wish, and it is that I would know who is reading my blog. I will open up the comment section soon but first must put into place the anti spam comments that take over. I think this is available in this very WordPress Dashboard.

I just came across a page that is excellent if someone happens to read my blog and feel they do not know enough about the internet to consider an online business such as Global Domains International.

The article is well written, so I linked it to my blog as I want to help anyone I can to find good articles that may be of  benefit when they read them. If the article is something they don't need, it is a simple matter of just ignore it and check back into my blog another time.

Now here is the article in the center sentence below.

This will help anyone needing internet understanding. Click article  below.




At My Globaljunction.ws Address, You Can Learn About Things

Posted by Travis Keeton

I am always assuming that there are people who may notice that in my various posts, I will place links to sites that may help someone who might be considering starting an online business. Of course I hope that business is the one I promote which is GDI. However, it could be any other business, but regardless it still requires you to have  a domain ( Internet Address) and a hosting server as well as an email address. GDI has all this in one location and at a competitive price. They also have free tutorials in the back office you would have at your disposal. That would provide lots of information to get you started.

If you are like me, you like to learn about using the internet from several sources because you always pick up information from each one. Therefore, I list one here that is teaching about setting up a website by using WordPress.org. It is free information like all my other links that I send, and it is a well written and worth your time to investigate it. I try to place links or write things that may keep you coming back to see what is coming next. I think that is what a blog should do.

Here it is....Click  it...http://websitesetupguide.com/

Remember you can create your website or blog at....www.freedom.ws/tkeeton  It has a sign-in spot. Then go to the 'backoffice' where it list -create website in the left column.

You can contact my e-mail at- contact@globaljunction.ws


This Info Will Help You Get started Blogging

Posted by Travis Keeton

Good Morning!

I found this information about the differences in "Wordpress.com" and "Wordpress.Org". I remember when I first wanted to sign up for WordPress, I was unsure what the differences were. Since I use WordPress after I joined GDI, it is already set up for WordPress.org and ready to go with creating a blog.  The Org version requires a paid self hosting platform and GDI met that requirement with their monthly fee. It is so easy to work with WordPress when you join GDI.

The" Con" version does not require a fee and I think that may be a good choice if your Blog is just for social communicating and not for a business.  I know I made a mistake and went with the"Con" version and when I tried to use it for linking to a third party content, it flagged me off for violating  their rules. I didn't read the rules accurately. Since I had already signed up for GDI and all was available to me at that location, that is the one ( Org) to use for a business.

The following site I am listing here is so good at explaining this and for anyone new at setting up a blog, it will be what you need to read. It seems as we get into utilizing the computer search engines they just keep linking us to free info. I like the free info, but it seems the freebies eventually lead to good things you can pay for later. But I'll take all the free info I can get.  The one below is free so try it.

Click Here.. This is good info about WordPress