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This is your business, act like it

Posted by Travis Keeton

In my previous blog, I stated one of the obstacles you will have to overcome when you are new and getting started will be the search engines standings of other established GDI affiliate's web sites. If you were the first to introduce the GDI Opportunity to someone, especially someone you do not personally know, they will usually become curious to investigate a search for GDI in the search engines.

Don't worry about obstacles. Use them to sharpen your skills in overcoming them. They just prepare you for winning. Think of them as a game where you need to study ways to outsmart them. The smarter you get, the better you get in growing this business.

The best company flash video that results in sign ups is the one titled... "7 minute ride of your life".  It is best in capturing attention and keeping it for the entire presentation. So you want to lead prospects to it quickly. But here is what happens most of the time. The prospect is impressed, they click on the sign up button that is coded to your username so that you can get the credit. But...they get cold feet when the sign up requires them to enter a credit card number or other method of payment. They decide to investigate more by looking up the info at the search engines and now see all the other top page listings of GDI. affiliates. They then think that maybe it's better to sign- up under them because they are well establish.

If this is happening, you will know because you will get an email from GDI informing you had a visitor that went that far but did not finish the registering process. If you used the flash video that requires the  visitor's email address, then you can contact them in a follow up effort to save them for yourself.

To get a quick start, it is not necessary to have a top producing sponsor. If it was, then why should you expect someone to join under you if you are a beginner. The best advice is to join, then read and watch every tutorials and videos in your back office. Use the back office "inviter lists" to send all your acquaintances the automatic email presentations that will be personalize as coming direct from you.

Then, using the back office, obtain all the offline material ( Flyers, calling cards , magnetic auto signs etc. ) to give out or get out to as many people as possible.

After you get started, you will soon be learning and understanding more about the online methods to promote your business. It is a business and requires you to act like a CEO.

Please watch the video and sign-up here....http://my.ws/tkeeton

"The greatest glory in living lies not in never falling, But in rising every time you fall"....NELSON MANDELA