"Together We Can Succeed"

I Doubt This Message Will Be Understood

Posted by Travis Keeton

I doubt whoever reads this will understand the message I am trying to convey.

That first sentence may be received with :"   Then why write it"

The central theme of this post is about the word ...DOUBT. If I truly believe someone reading this post will not comprehend my message, then I have to be extra careful in my sentence structure or not waste time writing it at all. Doubts are good when they are used to help bring about caution and wisdom. This leads one to making wise decisions after carefully studying the situation.  So having doubts is an emotion that should be helpful only if it leads to enhancing your intellect that removes the doubt.

Here is what I want to convey. Don't be like most people and let doubts rule you. I read once doubts are a normal feeling that we must control, not let them control us. The facts are we all have weaknesses and inadequacies. Most of us know what our inadequacies are and we must admit them to ourselves so that we can overcome our doubts by taking charge of our weaknesses. How do we do that?  We overcome doubts by going to find help somewhere.

Where do we find that help? It is in many places. One is from mentors who are knowledgeable and experienced in the subject area, but there are many others such as in the search engines on our computers. Thank goodness we have access to them. I remember the old days when it required trips to the library and lots of researching. Even then we did not have the common man's advice like available on the You-Tube.

Know this ..If you must eliminate all possible objections first, then nothing will ever be attempted. Know that there will be left a modest amount of doubt which is beneficial. It just makes you search out the details and become knowledgeable. In one of my earlier blog post, I said it is wise to make decisions based on your intellect, not your emotions alone.

The trouble is that many people have magnificent, huge doubts that destroys them. I hope this does not happen to you. Doubts can prevent you from taking action. I think of the saying.." Nothing venture, nothing gained."  If doubts control you, it destroys peace and happiness in your life. Overcome destructive doubts by speaking positive convictions. Instead of thinking you can't,  think  you can.

We all have some doubts, but now I hope I have encouraged you to dominate them, don't let them control you. Doubts can make you wiser if used wisely. Don't hang around people who are spreading their doubts. We have enough of our own that if we are wise we will dominate them so that we can become successful.

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