"Together We Can Succeed"

Yes I am Still Alive. Took A Needed Break

Posted by Travis Keeton

It has been longer than I thought since I have written. That is because I learned to use Facebook and that can result in occupying a lot of time. I wanted to do it so as to use Facebook as a way to get people to see my blog site and this business opportunity. I have added a page to my Facebook titled --Global Junction, but haven't advertised it or promoted it much. That is my next learning project.

In my Facebook page, I connected to a few known friends and that multiplied into a few more. I use it to comment on my conservative political views as upcoming elections will be the big thing. I also posted some comments that are a little more liberal social views but that is because I feel the Pledge of Allegiance contains words as --" With Liberty  and Justice For All"  As a Marine veteran, I take those words in the pledge as true. Our liberties are for all and if that contains the right to marriage regardless of  genders, it is their for them like it is for all of us.

Scattered throughout that Facebook post of mine are post of another MLM business that I have which is - I am an Amsoil Dealer.  I do not make my facebook page a marking page only as it is not. I just slip in details of that synthetic oil business that I first became a dealer in 1974.

Until next time- Have a Merry Christmas and a very safe & happy New Years.