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Need Help Getting Leads? Then This Will help You

Posted by Travis Keeton

"Leads-Leads and Leads"  That is what we all want if we have a business online. The term "Generation" is frequently  used because we never want to stop generating them because they are the life line to your business. Now. we know they are not the only necessity. We must know how to convert leads into hits on our email or website. Then if a prospect leaves their email address on our contact landing page, we have a way and permission to follow up with them directly or with autoresponders. It is a series of steps, but very important steps if we want to convert leads into sales.

When you enter into this site by clicking where it says "Click Here" you will see how great it is in going into detail. It will keep linking you into different topics that all have to do with creating leads and other marketing tips. That is why making money with your computer makes sense. You are never alone when you have access to so many tutorials where you grow in knowledge. I will be glad when I get that knowledge along with others and we get on Social Media sites to share the experience of exchanging information as we make money. When the motive is to help each other more than just making money, the later will just happen. I believe that and it is why I say"Together we can succeed"

Global Domains International (GDI) will have landing pages for your use on their replicated video websites. A landing page is where a prospect can leave their name and email address. A good one is at--www.my.ws/tkeeton. We have others but this is a short easy one  for the prospect to complete. However, I have located a very complete in depth site that will cover the subject of leads and their conversions that should help you if you are new at all this and enjoy getting good info that may help you. It is here for you to just click on it.

Click Here


At My Globaljunction.ws Address, You Can Learn About Things

Posted by Travis Keeton

I am always assuming that there are people who may notice that in my various posts, I will place links to sites that may help someone who might be considering starting an online business. Of course I hope that business is the one I promote which is GDI. However, it could be any other business, but regardless it still requires you to have  a domain ( Internet Address) and a hosting server as well as an email address. GDI has all this in one location and at a competitive price. They also have free tutorials in the back office you would have at your disposal. That would provide lots of information to get you started.

If you are like me, you like to learn about using the internet from several sources because you always pick up information from each one. Therefore, I list one here that is teaching about setting up a website by using WordPress.org. It is free information like all my other links that I send, and it is a well written and worth your time to investigate it. I try to place links or write things that may keep you coming back to see what is coming next. I think that is what a blog should do.

Here it is....Click  it...http://websitesetupguide.com/

Remember you can create your website or blog at....www.freedom.ws/tkeeton  It has a sign-in spot. Then go to the 'backoffice' where it list -create website in the left column.

You can contact my e-mail at- contact@globaljunction.ws


The Fun In life Is In Learning About New Things. So Many Things Are Free To Study

Posted by Travis Keeton

I could easily become addicted to setting in front of my laptop and seeing so many things to learn about. I know I must practice self control because I do have many other things to be doing with my time. I do keep busy even though I am 80 years young. Keeping interested and busy helps one to stay young.

I think lots of my desire is because I am naturally curious about so many things. There is always a new technology that keeps coming out which changes the way we get what we always seem to have gotten but now it is obtained differently. A quick example is the telephone. It seems a few years ago all phones were operating because wires connected everyone. Take the phone booths; we would drop in a quarter to call someone when we were out and about.  I remember it was in the late seventies, that I found one with a long cord so that I could park my auto next to it and talk to someone while sitting in my car. I'd say--" you know where I am? I am in my car talking to you"  I thought that was technology. What a change it  is now! It still is a phone call but done in a wireless digital manner and in some cases while we look at each other as we talk on an Ipad.

This is only one example that means nothing to teenagers who carry smart phones everywhere, not knowing about older phone systems. There are so many things that are done differently. I need no stamps to get this blog sent around the world immediately. In just a few years no one will need cable TV. Many have dropped cable already and get their TV shows through their computer and internet by streaming to a TV set. The result is the same but accomplished differently. If you are an investor, it would be wise to be careful what you invest in as it may be replaced with a newer way of accomplishing the same end result. An example is how the MP3 replace how you store your music. It did away with the records and turn tables on which to play them.

There is one thing that is safe from being replaced. It's just the opposite, as it will keep expanding in growth. That one thing is the need for domain names and internet connection. That is why Global Domain International ( GDI) is a good opportunity.

Don't you see that it is time that you may want to get involved in having a website or blog site that you can utilize for your advantage? If you haven't thought about  looking at the opportunity, maybe some of the courses that you can freely get here at the Udemy site will spark that interest. Some have a price, but some are free. When you click on the Udemy site,  move around the courses for locating the free ones. Most free ones are to get you to the various social media courses which are the ones you want. Then click the courses you have registered for and they will remain at Udemy for easy access as you take the courses. They will be listed under ' Your Courses'

This is where you can get courses on a variety of subjects.  It helps you view what is available to get more traffic to your online business site. Anyone concerned on how to get involved with marketing online will find it helpful. It could motivate someone to become a GDI Affiliate  and join the excitement of learning new things.----Here it is ....https://www.udemy.com/courses/

Here is one of the free courses that I think is helpful in marketing your website to go viral.

Click here....https://www.udemy.com/viralcontentbuzz/#/lecture/1281320:

Always remember that when you sign up for GDI's free seven day trial, you then have access to the GDI backoffice where you have several training tutorials on how to get started. Watch the 7 minute video here  at..http: my. ws/tkeeton/ After watching click sign up.