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WordPress.Org Mobile Apps Are Great For Your Business

Posted by Travis Keeton

A feature that is important to a huge majority of people around the world is the ability to view and write to your blog's posts on your Mobile units, such as Ipads, smart phones, be they -IOS (Apple) or Android operating systems. They can be downloaded at WordPress.org Mobile Apps.

In my case, since I do not travel much , I am satisfied with just my laptop. But the main point I want to make is- if your business is Global Domains International (GDI) where everything you need is online, it is like having a business in your pocket. Therefore, it is more flexible than a home business. You can post on the go, or edit your posts in your coffee shop. ( notice, I didn't say bar, but you can do it there if you're still sober.)

You've got the entire WordPress community in your pocket. That means, you've got an online business, one that is growing in usage and demand all over the world. It is one that cannot be replaced some day with new technology. There could be some new online connection techniques, but they still require an address to connect with. That is why GDI is a very good one to get into. Since it is an Affiliate business, all the major work is done by the Principle Company which is GDI. And, since the marketing structure is a MLM type, you get residual (passive) income from the success of others in your 5 level downline. IT CAN"T GET BETTER THAN THAT!.

The main thing, is you need to tell as many acquaintances as you can to watch the 7 minute video, or print calling cards and flyers to disperse freely that has the info on them. ( These are available for you in your back office as you try the business free for seven days.) I then think you should promote the company videos about the business on your mobile phones, Ipads or laptops.  The best way to accomplish that are the various social media sites. It 's called generating traffic and that is what my recent post were about.

Keep reading through my older posts for different links to several GDI videos that tell all about it.

Here is one video you can start with. Sign up for the 7 minute Video. It is impressive.