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Posted by Travis Keeton

I realize the importance of the need to gather lots of leads from prospects to find your domain site in order to hear about your business that you are engaged in promoting.

I have stated in previous posts, that there are several methods to get leads, such as advertising, handing out  calling cards and flyers, making phone calls to acquaintances, writing blogs, and creating websites . But more than anything is to get discussions started among others to start talking about your business offerings. That is best accomplished by signing into the various Social Media sites. There are several  available and the list is still growing. Facebook is the largest.

I know I will have to start using them if I am to build a large group in my network of followers. Now, if you are like me and new at Social Media sites, you may have concerns about how they work and if you are giving up some privacy protection. The article that follows which I have embed into this post, will discuss some points of consideration that you should be aware of what may be involved. I will let it inform you as I don't have much information about it. I do not think it should scare you away from the Social Media sites importance in helping you grow your business, but rather skip through the terms even though they are long, so that you know more about your decision.

It is important to know we cannot have everything just the way we want it to be if we want to move ahead in life. That is just the fact of being alive.

To see the article, Click where I say ..HERE

Now here is another article found in New York Times that answers some questions that I have had about Facebook. Facebook clears up some of the questions and it is helpful. I suggest you read it since Facebook is a very good and most popular site. Click ..HERE  AGAIN

I personally feel Linkedin is not the best site for your GDI business because it is an individual business site. Linkedin is more for a site with employees or has potential for hiring employees. Isn't it nice that with GDI's opportunity, you do not have need of employees !

Also, If you haven't taken the ride of your life in the red car, then use the coupon and enjoy it. ..HERE'S THE RIDE


Global Domains International Q&A section

Posted by Travis Keeton

It is understandable that as soon as one hears about this GDI worldwide business opportunity, they will have questions. I have links in most of my posts that will connect readers to various GDI replicated websites that are very informative. Usually at the top of these sites you will see where you can access a Q&A button. However, for your convenience, I will link you to Global Domain International's Q&A section if you will click here. GDI Q&A

 Then after you get answers to most of your questions, I would like for you to click on my landing page below that would be one like you can get. It is where prospects can leave their email as they sign in to watch a complete 7 minute video that is personalize for you where the video calls you by name. You can sign up for the 7 day free trial but if you want to wait for more info, I will contact you through your email with no obligation. Then if you want more info I can have a series of emails programed to tell you more, but if you want no further contact you can ask to be removed and I will see that it will be immediately. GDI  is a company that will not allow anyone to spam a prospect. We are very ethical.

A landing page is very necessary if you enter this business. By prospects leaving their email address is the only way we know who contacted our site and gives us the right to contact them until we are told not to contact them. You would have this same Landing page but with your username.

Here It Is ..http://website.ws/tkeeton

We have flyers and calling cards in your back office for you to print and hand out to direct others to your landing page where the selling is done by the GDI video. Remember, your main function is to lead others to this Free 7 minute video. Many affiliates build their business with this offline marketing method. It's the simple way to do it.

Thank You, Travis


Why Most MLM Income Opportunities Fail –But Not GDI !

Posted by Travis Keeton

Some of you have been involved in MLM marketing and you will understand what I'm about to say is true.  Here are the facts. Many big time MLM marketers boast about how many well known companies where they have risen to the top in sales.   They do this as they are trying to sell you a new one that you should get involved with.

I thought ," If you were so good in another company why aren't you still with them?" Many times their former company no longer exist, or if it does, it is playing up to new biggies coming up the line where  someday others like the pros will repeat the old story we all have heard before.

Here is what happens - these MLM professionals maintain a large member's list of their followers who will always  join with them again in  new ventures.   Then a cycle of events start over again. The people in the bottom level are having to buy a product or service that they pay for monthly. Usually the marketing plans are expensive and involves retailing a product. If the retail and recruiting slows down, the new affiliates accumulate inventory which they cannot use or may have to sell at a loss.  Because new recruits are at the bottom level, they have no one providing  them earnings like they are doing for those in levels above them, so they quit. That means a new bottom level is now established and being at the bottom, the same happens to them resulting in them quitting also. This continues until the big successful MLM leader gets into another company and brings their loyal followers with them. That is why they have been leaders in lots of companies and why a lot of you have quit.

GDI is so different. First it is only $10.00 a month  for a useable website with hosting . Almost everyone could use a website for a hobby or business. It is not just for someone using it as a MLM income business. For what you get , it is competitively priced.

If someone has a small business such as a home cleaning service for example, they could have a GDI website created with the help of their up line. This site could explain their cleaning experience , references and location of service. Then a link placed in their cleaning Business' website could tell their prospects that the GDI  business could earn them money from home over the internet that might be enough the cover the cost of the cleaning service.  That is just an example of  the flexibility of how this could be presented.

With GDI there would be very few that would fall from the bottom sixth level which provides the money to the levels above them.  That Means this is an INCOME FOR LIFE  business only if it is understood it's a good value even if it wasn't capable of producing income. It's usage will have huge potential with the growth of mobile IPods and tablets.

Click here for info about GDI and the 7 day free trial. ...Travis selection

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Help Save The Internet

Posted by Travis Keeton

The Global Domains International,Inc. is a privately owned company that is very successful as I believe most of you are aware. Their business is in a the very  important and widely used internet industry.

The following comments are my personal feelings.

The Internet's effect on the growth of new businesses, as well as older established businesses, is beyond a need for description. I understand it was created by the Department of Defense at tax payer's expense and has continually been under the control of U.S. authority. Now  the Obama Administration is moving to having the U.S. give up this control of the Internet to some international body that as yet is not known. I don't understand why the current White House thinks this is a wise decision. We know, China has been for years trying to censure what goes out through the internet. The many authoritarian regimes in the UN having control of what you may say and do with the internet is a huge chunk of your freedom taken away.

I think it would be the end of this business opportunity that is provided by GDI which I planned to take advantage of. I believe proposed switch is to occur in 2015. Congress is holding hearings on the most ridiculous decision among many of the Obama administration. I urge everyone to write and call the members of Congress to let them know we will not stand for this loss of our freedom to dictators to ruin and destroy the Internet.

Thanks for your help.

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Notice this! It Will Flip Your Switch And Turn You On

Posted by Travis Keeton

Well, it should turn you on when you see all the efforts that this company--Global Domains International Inc. goes to in providing you continual information so that you can succeed in your business.

Here is what I am talking about. ---Go to the Blogroll section in the column at the right. Scroll to GDI's blog.

Click on this weekly and read the information and tips about how to do this business. Follow my blog weekly even if I haven't created a new Post just so you can click on the GDI blog .They tell you more than I ever could and it does not require me to repeat what they say. My blog site eventually will be geared towards my up-line and down-line team. It is always important to keep the communication line open.

When you get a prospect for this business, show them -www.gdiaffiliateblog.ws so that they have confidence they will be kept informed. Often, people fear being abandoned after they join a MLM type business. Well that will not happen here with my group because our motto is --together we will succeed. You can be assured GDI will be there for you.


Free 7 day trial , no obligation--

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