"Together We Can Succeed"

Money Saved, Is Money Earned. A Word To The Wise ( You) Is Sufficient

Posted by Travis Keeton

The Blog postings that I have been writing are not just for you to go into your own online business. As wise as it is to have an online business since the technology is so good for accomplishing it in this computer age with Cloud computing and Mobile units, it may not be what many people are interested in doing.

For anyone who are not desiring their own online business, but rather are in investing, saving or spending their earnings wisely, it is understandable;  Therefore,  I will vary my blogging activities in other areas of financial topics that will be of interest to most of you. I have done this already in a few cases by linking some posts to those subjects.

Some subjects that you will see coming in the future will be in real estate, investments, banking and mortgages, and anything pertaining to helping to keep you focused on the fact that it is not so much what you earn in life, but it is important how not to waste opportunities to accumulate wealth. As I come upon some topics along these lines, I will link them here in my blog site for you to consider.

Since almost in all cases it is important for you to have an email presence on the computer or tablet, you will benefit greatly by having a domain address with a hosting website provider. Since that is true, it just makes sense that your supplier of them also provides you an affiliate position with them at a competitive price of $10.00 per month.


Become a Have; Not a Have Not

Posted by Travis Keeton

Hello again. And thanks for reading my post. I was away for awhile due to serious sickness my sister is having.

I am going to divert away slightly from my other post and make a political comment. It is relative to the home based internet business that this has been about.

In January 2014, Bob Lonsberry, of Rochester NY talk show personality on WHAM 1180 AM said in response to President Obama's  'Income inequality speech:

"The Democrats are right, there are two Americas. The America that works, and the America that doesn't ."

"The America that contributes, and the America that doesn't."

"It's not the haves and the have nots, it's the do's and the don'ts."

"Some people do their duty as Americans, obey the law, support themselves, contribute to society, and others don't."

"That is the divide in America."

I feel the same as Mr. Lonsberry. We have too many politicians that loves power more then they love country. They go the way that leads to more votes that may keep them in office. Wouldn't  it be better if they encouraged personal responsibility for getting ahead in life?

Most often in life, our destination is determined by the course we take. My hope is anyone reading this will choose the course of finding a legitimate Internet Business Opportunity such as GDI and take the action that can put you in the 'have' category where you will contribute to America or whatever country you are located.

I like the old saying-"If it's to be, it's up to me"  I also like my new motto - "Together we can succeed"

This site is very good.It is in several languages which will help you build leads. Across the page top are links to answer so many questions you may have.  Click Here---http://freedom.ws/tkeeton





Here’s The True Facts About Selecting Your Direct Sponsor

Posted by Travis Keeton

I have read the comments of many people who have been involved with MLM marketing. By the way, GDI is a multilevel opportunity instead of an affiliate opportunity. A MLM program pays you not for just the people you sign up, but also you get paid for those that you sponsor when they get others to sign up down through several levels. Most affiliate  programs pays you commissions one time for each signups you get. That is why the MLM program is the best home business program for you. It has the very important residual income.

Now, the comments I have read from others involved in MLM about their sponsor is that you want to make sure you get one that


It Is Now Time To Help Each Other Grow Into A Successful Income For Life Situation!

Posted by Travis Keeton

If you have read the previous posts and watched the GDI videos you should have a good understanding of how you can earn lots of money from this home based business. What is so nice, is you do not have to stock merchandise but instead you just direct prospects to this GDI opportunity. Remember this--First you just seek the names and email addresses of those who land on your Blog or Websites. Very few will come back to your site or email after they leave them. This is where you need the "Tools"of the Trade so to speak. I will cover them and how to use them in future blogs. They will set you up to automate the continual contacts with the prospects that we now call "Leads" It's the automation that works for you even while you sleep. There are several tools that do this; some provided by GDI and some available from other sources which I will be telling you about.

Sign in for the seven day free trial,( Click here--http://my.ws/tkeeton for free 7 minute movie and a 7 day Free Trial)  you can go to www.gdiaffiliateblog.ws and get helpful information every couple weeks directly from GDI. Believe me, you will be kept informed.

Keep in touch as we will build our businesses together. We have lots to learn, but if we learn one step at a time, we will be prepared to enter into several affiliate sites that will supply multiple sources of income which is always a good thing. In many cases, this will help support the respective businesses to grow together.

It is the same with us; we will be helping each other grow so that --"Together we can succeed"  


Here Is An Easy Online Home Income Biz.

Posted by Travis Keeton

This really is easy as it says in the title. Please read the pages in this post and then click on to the ads in the column to the right. There you see the videos that GDI produced to explain the opportunities and details of how to get started. Click into all the links in these videos as they will lead you through areas where you will learn more about the superior and best " online business" that I think is available.

If you sign up for the free trial use the "back office' area where you can build yourself a website or blog which you can publish  for all the world to see. The seven day trial is free since if you do not want to keep your domain and hosting site, your ten dollars will not be charged to you if cancelled before the end of seven days.

For those who prefer to build an Offline Business, they can print calling cards, brochures and flyers to post or pass out. These aids are ready in the back office to add a name and print copies. Many have been successful doing that. Let me give an example of what could happen if you left a calling card that you got from your back office. That card can have your domain name on it where it is set to transfer the person entering it in his computer to a  GDI video. That video explains everything about the income opportunity and actually does the selling. Watch it work!. I have a domain which is --www.incomeavailable.com/ That domain is set to be forwarded to a GDI professional Video. If  the reviewer likes it and signs up for the free seven day trial, I will get the credit and a notification on my email to do a follow up. Enter into my domain here and watch it work. It's easy for you to set this up for yourself.

Now, imagine if this person signs up because he got your calling card and he happens to be a computer whiz. He signs up in your first level but he signs up three or four in his first level and those also sign up some down through five levels. You will be paid through five levels deep and no limit on the ones who sign across their first levels.It's that simple.


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