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Searching For Best Methods To Get Traffic To Our Web Sites

Posted by Travis Keeton

Hello again and welcome back.

I have been getting distracted easily the last couple months because so many things are happening  in the world. It is like a storm that has many facets such as strong winds , hail and flooding with an earthquake tossed in for good measure.

I mean of course the problems with the ISIS terrorist group and the Ebola virus causing so many deaths in Africa and now coming into our country. Then we have our economy problems along with the politicians spreading their propaganda as they seek re-election.

But, the solution from getting discourage and letting it get the best of us is to look at the bright side of things and pray to God for our nation as well as pray that the world events will turn for the better.  Along with doing that, we should not become distracted from our goals of staying the course in working for our success with our online business which I think is the GDI opportunity.

I am at a point in my promoting my GDI business where I need help. I need help in bringing traffic to my domain site and getting them to leave their email addresses so that I can set in motion the follow up with them so that they will join my team.  I get hits everyday but very seldom does anyone leave their contact information. If that happens to me, it is going to happen to you. I am open to any suggestion that anyone has to offer.

I am sure the best solution is to put into play social media sites such as; Facebook' business, Linkedin, You-tube, Twitter and maybe others. I do not know much about how to go about it, but I am sure if I go to some you-tube sites, there will be some that will help explain how to set them up. I also, will enjoy hearing from some of you who have successfully utilized Social Networking/media.

That will be what I will spend my time on next.  Keep in touch, or at least keep checking in on my blogs so that together we can succeed.

Thanks, Travis

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PS.  In keeping with the subject of getting traffic flow to a new web site, I just found this information that explains how to get started if you are like me and just investigating how you can get started getting traffic to yours. Traffic flow is how you grow your business. It always has been and always is the only way to grow a business. If prospects cannot find you, then all your other efforts are in vain. Here is a good site that will help explain a lot to help us. .....


Here is another good site to click on to see some good information on this subject. IT IS VERY GOOD! Click below


Finally, here is a good sample of a YOU- TUBE site created by a talented lady named Lisa. In this one she talks about Traffic. It is interesting.

Click Here--https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5MRoSX6_I8c&feature=relmfu