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This Info Will Help You Get started Blogging

Posted by Travis Keeton

Good Morning!

I found this information about the differences in "Wordpress.com" and "Wordpress.Org". I remember when I first wanted to sign up for WordPress, I was unsure what the differences were. Since I use WordPress after I joined GDI, it is already set up for WordPress.org and ready to go with creating a blog.  The Org version requires a paid self hosting platform and GDI met that requirement with their monthly fee. It is so easy to work with WordPress when you join GDI.

The" Con" version does not require a fee and I think that may be a good choice if your Blog is just for social communicating and not for a business.  I know I made a mistake and went with the"Con" version and when I tried to use it for linking to a third party content, it flagged me off for violating  their rules. I didn't read the rules accurately. Since I had already signed up for GDI and all was available to me at that location, that is the one ( Org) to use for a business.

The following site I am listing here is so good at explaining this and for anyone new at setting up a blog, it will be what you need to read. It seems as we get into utilizing the computer search engines they just keep linking us to free info. I like the free info, but it seems the freebies eventually lead to good things you can pay for later. But I'll take all the free info I can get.  The one below is free so try it.

Click Here.. This is good info about WordPress