"Together We Can Succeed"

Know Your GDI Competition …..It May Surprise You As To Who It Is

Posted by Travis Keeton

This post is about the GDI affiliates understanding more about their targeted audience better known as their market target. Since it is a business that does not require physical products such as those on amazon but rather it is more like selling telephone and cable TV service. Most people have access to these utilities and wouldn't do without them. Likewise, about 65 % of the households in the US have computers that are used by people below age of 70. I may be off on these figures but regardless it means most of those age 70 or lower get online. I am sure most do it for emails, banking and scheduling appointments, but they have the equipment and some operating knowledge to make them a good target for the GDI product. As they learn more about having a website for a small business they could become a target.

Radio programs are advertising the internet for work at home as a way to earn money. Millions are considering it. These people are your prime targets. They are  already primed for you to recruit them into your MLM business. Notice I call it MLM, because that is what GDI is. When they understand the residual income benefit, that sparks their interest. Women and men are about equal in being open to hearing about having a home based online business.

Here's the kicker. You have major competition. Not from other MLM companies selling domains and email & hosting services because there are none operating  as a MLM. company. They do have affiliate programs but not set up to allow you to build a business of your own producing monthly residual income. GDI is the only one and it is a reputable company providing good training and service.

So where is the competition you may ask. It is all the other GDI affiliates. They all are trying to recruit the same people you are by show and tell over the internet search engines. Some of them are very good and established. You can see and click on their you tubes and websites where they talk about being a great mentor for anyone wanting help in getting into the online money making action. This will discourage many immediately. Prospects will notice many affiliates are already established and realize these established affiliates will attempt to enlist them to join more MLM programs as a prerequisite in order to assist them with this one.

These are the facts as I have stated. These marketers will be involved in several other MLM companies whose services they also sell claiming they all need to work together for maximum earnings. These companies do compliment each other and will help you grow, but the drop out rate increases because now it is not just ten dollars per month, which is a good competitive price that most people can afford as they work on learning and growing their business. Some of the services provided by these complimenting companies are OK but to join is not necessary because GDI provides similar services to you for free with your membership. GDI provides you with everything you need.

The reason my motto is "together we can succeed" is because I am getting started and I know it is not only how many leads we convert or the amount of people joining our group, but rather it is how many stay in and grow together. If someone touts how they will help you to  succeed if you do exactly as they say, check to see if they want you to spend more each month as you grow their businesses. Two things will likely happen. The learning curve becomes so confusing with information overkill and your monthly expenses too great, so you quit. It does not have to happen like that.

I believe it's best to join one company first and stay only with them until by taking one step at a time you learn everything about it. It is simple that way and being simple means it is easy to duplicate for others. An online product that is used worldwide, low cost, many features, and with company marketing support is all you need for success. Sure, we may discover free methods to get traffic to our site. In some cases we may temporary purchase help in this and other areas. We always do it one step at a time. After we have our GDI affiliate business up and running, we then may join other companies with similar programs that will work in conjunction with GDI. So when we build another source of revenue, we will be better prepared to do it.

The competition is our obstacle. We need to tell it like I have done here. We want to cooperate with all fellow affiliates but I see many saying anyone considering joining GDI needs to make sure they pick a successful sponsor who will lead them instead of someone new in the business. Do not let others say that you must have a highly skilled mentor with all the marketing methods that they say you must get from them in order to succeed. With them saying this, they are actually saying when someone becomes a new affiliate, others should not join under them. How do they expect the new affiliate to start building a business when other established affiliates are saying that? Common sense tells me that is proof that they are more interested in helping themselves first. How do they know if you might have someone in your upline willing and able to assist you.

We prefer to take one step at a time where we communicate together and may not grow as fast, but with building a solid foundation we will have a business providing income for life.  This is a business. Not an investment. It is your business not someone else acting as CEO. That is a mindset that all must understand. We can help each other and that is very important. No one is going to create a business for you. No one is your boss, thank goodness! I assure you will be contacted if you come into my group. Let GDI become your mentor.

Please consider what was said in this post.It's one step at a time up the stairway of success. Too much too soon leads to failure

Thank You. You may contact me at..travis@traviskeeton.com


Global Domains International Q&A section

Posted by Travis Keeton

It is understandable that as soon as one hears about this GDI worldwide business opportunity, they will have questions. I have links in most of my posts that will connect readers to various GDI replicated websites that are very informative. Usually at the top of these sites you will see where you can access a Q&A button. However, for your convenience, I will link you to Global Domain International's Q&A section if you will click here. GDI Q&A

 Then after you get answers to most of your questions, I would like for you to click on my landing page below that would be one like you can get. It is where prospects can leave their email as they sign in to watch a complete 7 minute video that is personalize for you where the video calls you by name. You can sign up for the 7 day free trial but if you want to wait for more info, I will contact you through your email with no obligation. Then if you want more info I can have a series of emails programed to tell you more, but if you want no further contact you can ask to be removed and I will see that it will be immediately. GDI  is a company that will not allow anyone to spam a prospect. We are very ethical.

A landing page is very necessary if you enter this business. By prospects leaving their email address is the only way we know who contacted our site and gives us the right to contact them until we are told not to contact them. You would have this same Landing page but with your username.

Here It Is ..http://website.ws/tkeeton

We have flyers and calling cards in your back office for you to print and hand out to direct others to your landing page where the selling is done by the GDI video. Remember, your main function is to lead others to this Free 7 minute video. Many affiliates build their business with this offline marketing method. It's the simple way to do it.

Thank You, Travis


” Today’s Decision is Tomorrows Reality “

Posted by Travis Keeton

The above title says a lot when you think about it. It can apply to all kinds of decisions but since this blog is for those desiring to have a home based online business that is easy, I'll keep it focused on that.

The first decision for today is to investigate this one-'Global Domains International', often referred to as GDI. You should brake it down in steps to be taken.

Step#1----After you check out this blog Post , and watch the videos available in the right column , you should by then be convinced there are no better opportunities for an online worldwide business.

Step#2----Sign up now! It is a free trial for seven days. This gives you a chance to go into the back office and see all the help that is waiting for you. There are tutorials on several topics. You can see the marketing materials such as calling cards, brochures and even magnetic auto signs that are already designed waiting for your personal information.

Step3----Memorize these important words which are:

  • Focus ;
  • Avoid Distraction 
  •  Be Persistent.

This needs to be your mindset. I suggest that after you join, do not let it be known to other relatives and close friends for about sixty days. It is strange but true that they will try to rescue you from your decision on a business that they know nothing about.

So Today is your decision time to watch the video, next--sign up for the seven day free trial after watching. Take the seven days to convince yourself that this is a once in a lifetime opportunity. It's free but worth a lot more towards your Tomorrows Reality.

Click here for the free video and the 7 day free trial membership--http://my.ws/tkeeton