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Two Minds Better Than One? I Think So

Posted by Travis Keeton

Hello, and thank you for taking a little time to read some of my blogs.

I want my readers to know, that I am no professional at online marketing communication but then most of you may say "We can see that". Also , I am not a technical geek when it comes to software manipulation. The youth of today who grew up with the technical innovations of the computer and the mobile wireless devices, seem to take to it like a duck to water. So maybe you might think this is your target market. I'd like to think about that with you and hear your opinion.

First, I want you to know that I meditate on subjects that come to my mind and form my opinions based on my belief in God, and my years in business and marketing. Since I spent many years in various marketing arenas where I dealt with many people, I'm sure that is the basis for my opinions. It's called experience. Experience should never be the top qualification that we should consider, but rather it must be what kind of experience. A thief may have lots of experience in stealing and that is not good. I really think experience is very important but only when it was gained in an ethical manner and grounded by one's conscience to do right towards their fellow human beings.

Now, back to the subject of defining your target market if you get into the MLM GDI opportunity. Notice your  target market is determined by what kind of product you are selling. The GDI product is a service as compared to a physical item. It requires no stocking or shipping. It does require prospects to have an internet connection. It does not require online marketing, even though that is a big plus, but it can be advertised and marketed exclusively offline. ( Those methods will be the subject of future blog posts.) The facts are ..the service requires internet connection.

In this post, we agree that the target market will be prospects connected to the internet. So as not to add to the length of this post, Lets pick up on the demographics of  prospects that make them a good target. Think about it as I will also and give you my opinion in upcoming posts.

If you sign up under me, we can have better communication and share ideas. That kind of association is valuable. It is .."together we can succeed". Two minds are better than one. Proof of that are people making a living as consultants.

I never want to close without suggesting a video to watch.

Here it is available in the Spanish language...Watch Here

"whenever you no longer think of a reason to continue, you must thank of a reason to start over" ...Unknown Author.



Why Most MLM Income Opportunities Fail –But Not GDI !

Posted by Travis Keeton

Some of you have been involved in MLM marketing and you will understand what I'm about to say is true.  Here are the facts. Many big time MLM marketers boast about how many well known companies where they have risen to the top in sales.   They do this as they are trying to sell you a new one that you should get involved with.

I thought ," If you were so good in another company why aren't you still with them?" Many times their former company no longer exist, or if it does, it is playing up to new biggies coming up the line where  someday others like the pros will repeat the old story we all have heard before.

Here is what happens - these MLM professionals maintain a large member's list of their followers who will always  join with them again in  new ventures.   Then a cycle of events start over again. The people in the bottom level are having to buy a product or service that they pay for monthly. Usually the marketing plans are expensive and involves retailing a product. If the retail and recruiting slows down, the new affiliates accumulate inventory which they cannot use or may have to sell at a loss.  Because new recruits are at the bottom level, they have no one providing  them earnings like they are doing for those in levels above them, so they quit. That means a new bottom level is now established and being at the bottom, the same happens to them resulting in them quitting also. This continues until the big successful MLM leader gets into another company and brings their loyal followers with them. That is why they have been leaders in lots of companies and why a lot of you have quit.

GDI is so different. First it is only $10.00 a month  for a useable website with hosting . Almost everyone could use a website for a hobby or business. It is not just for someone using it as a MLM income business. For what you get , it is competitively priced.

If someone has a small business such as a home cleaning service for example, they could have a GDI website created with the help of their up line. This site could explain their cleaning experience , references and location of service. Then a link placed in their cleaning Business' website could tell their prospects that the GDI  business could earn them money from home over the internet that might be enough the cover the cost of the cleaning service.  That is just an example of  the flexibility of how this could be presented.

With GDI there would be very few that would fall from the bottom sixth level which provides the money to the levels above them.  That Means this is an INCOME FOR LIFE  business only if it is understood it's a good value even if it wasn't capable of producing income. It's usage will have huge potential with the growth of mobile IPods and tablets.

Click here for info about GDI and the 7 day free trial. ...Travis selection

Whether you think you can or you think you can't you're right. --HENRY FORD