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This is my opinion only. What do you think?

Posted by Travis Keeton

I don't want to plant the seeds of fear in anyone but take this as advice.

Another reason to consider this business and get started is to make some money before the dollar becomes worthless.

The deficits that our government are acquiring  and paying for them with borrowed money from China is only half of the problem. The other half is our government  creating money like a printing  press as they borrow from the Federal Reserve. Due to the Fed's fractional reserve requirements the increase in money supply really grows. To slow that growth to protect the dollar's value,  they will later have to raise Interest rates which usually causes unemployment.

The coming outcome of these practices is very high inflation. Inflation means as the dollar becomes worth less, it takes more of it to make up for the loss in value. That will wipe out the value of your savings account.

The other outcome is the dollar looses it's status as the world's reserve currency that is accepted in world trading. Whereas nations have been trading with each other by converting their currency into dollars to be accepted by their trading partners, some are now seeing the writing on the wall and are not requiring that conversion. Some will accept different currencies. That means they are loosing confidence in the dollar's value.

As the dollar becomes worth less, I suggest you earn as much as you can now so that you can buy Gold or Silver with those earnings. We are hearing this advice every day but most of us do not have any excess money to do it with. Anyone that does have excess money kept in their savings accounts, will be shocked when inflation removes it's buying power. The Gold and Silver's value will be protected because they cannot be printed like paper money which is happening now.

This in my opinion, is why the stock market is at an all-time high. When there is too much money chasing too few goods and services, there will be greedy hands willing to take it. That is describing the Investment Bankers.

Help protect yourself. It doesn't require much risk to earn more. GDI's  $10.00 per month is risking less than 10 cups of coffee per month. Get involved with GDI.  Work you A.. off and be persistent, while staying motivated to  prepare  yourself for future bad times. When times get tough, the tough gets going. See you on the way! You don't need that much coffee anyway.

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Today, 7/21/2014, I just recieved an email on the very subject that I was writing about. They pointed out the different nations loosing confidence in the dollar as the world's Reserve Currency. I am not promoting any other company. I am not even a client  of any precious metal dealers. But this is a Good Honest presentation and you may be wise to hear what they are saying about where our economy is headed.  ..Their website is ....birchgold.com

Here is another website covering the same subject. I know nothing about them and I am not promoting them other than I believe our nation is in danger of financial troubles coming that will hurt everyone. Owning gold and silver as a good protector of your financial worth goes back 5000 years according to the bible.

Click on this URL to read some warnings that are worth reading........http://www.wholesaledirectmetals.com/


Do You Have A “Learning Curve” Holding You Back?

Posted by Travis Keeton

I have experienced the learning curve phenomenon throughout the years I have been in sales.

I could write extensively about this problem, which it is a problem that affects society and businesses in many ways. However, blogs are to be short and to the point. Therefore, I bring it up as it relates to those who suffer from it as they consider joining GDI as a way to earn money.

I define learning curve as the reluctance to learn and accept a new approach to accomplish what you are currently doing. Let's look at an example which may be what you are doing or thinking about doing. Many people work part time in a job to augment their income because of needing more money. These jobs are usually low paying jobs but the reason they stay in them is because they know what is required of them, such as what time to start and stop and what they are supposed to do. They know who to report to if something needs an explanation. For this, they get their weekly pay that is fixed and not expected to change.

I think that is pretty disgusting. Here is why; If a person is willing to set aside the same amount of time to work, and be persistent in working the system every day, and know how to call  information sources when they need help, they can have hope of greater income success. It is putting in the effort that a boss would require, but now you are your own boss. Tell yourself what is expected of you and know you must do it or loose your income, like being fired. Also, tell yourself if you do your job well, you are going to get raises with no limits.

All that is required is you must accept this is a new approach that can end in a better result. (That is overcoming your Learning Curve.)  It is being willing to step out of your comfort zone. That  is very important if you want to get ahead in the business world.

Do not be afraid. You can do it if  you put forth the effort and be persistent.  Together we can succeed.

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