"Together We Can Succeed"

Two Minds Better Than One? I Think So

Posted by Travis Keeton

Hello, and thank you for taking a little time to read some of my blogs.

I want my readers to know, that I am no professional at online marketing communication but then most of you may say "We can see that". Also , I am not a technical geek when it comes to software manipulation. The youth of today who grew up with the technical innovations of the computer and the mobile wireless devices, seem to take to it like a duck to water. So maybe you might think this is your target market. I'd like to think about that with you and hear your opinion.

First, I want you to know that I meditate on subjects that come to my mind and form my opinions based on my belief in God, and my years in business and marketing. Since I spent many years in various marketing arenas where I dealt with many people, I'm sure that is the basis for my opinions. It's called experience. Experience should never be the top qualification that we should consider, but rather it must be what kind of experience. A thief may have lots of experience in stealing and that is not good. I really think experience is very important but only when it was gained in an ethical manner and grounded by one's conscience to do right towards their fellow human beings.

Now, back to the subject of defining your target market if you get into the MLM GDI opportunity. Notice your  target market is determined by what kind of product you are selling. The GDI product is a service as compared to a physical item. It requires no stocking or shipping. It does require prospects to have an internet connection. It does not require online marketing, even though that is a big plus, but it can be advertised and marketed exclusively offline. ( Those methods will be the subject of future blog posts.) The facts are ..the service requires internet connection.

In this post, we agree that the target market will be prospects connected to the internet. So as not to add to the length of this post, Lets pick up on the demographics of  prospects that make them a good target. Think about it as I will also and give you my opinion in upcoming posts.

If you sign up under me, we can have better communication and share ideas. That kind of association is valuable. It is .."together we can succeed". Two minds are better than one. Proof of that are people making a living as consultants.

I never want to close without suggesting a video to watch.

Here it is available in the Spanish language...Watch Here

"whenever you no longer think of a reason to continue, you must thank of a reason to start over" ...Unknown Author.



Who Lies The Most?–Fishermen Or Golfers

Posted by Travis Keeton

This blog is to get your opinion working.  Life is full of issues; some important and others that are not. For example, if I have an opinion that one baseball player is better skilled than another, that is not an important issue unless I am the manager and preparer of the lineup. If  however, I am deciding about running for a political office because I might have a chance to make things better, my opinions on issues are very important.

I think it is wise to be opinionated about most issues that cross our paths if we become informed first and base the opinion on our intellect.  But, this is seldom done. Politicians know that most people form their opinion which is a moving of the mind, base on emotion. I believe emotion is the most powerful force is determining a person's opinion which results in their decisions on issues that they face. Politicians take advantage of this basic fact.  The other two fundamental forces of the human mind being volition and intellect. Most liberal politicians try to avoid those two forces.

Emotional feelings concerning issues such as, same sex marriages, and abortions are examples of my conclusions. The supporters are controlled by emotion with very little intellect going into forming their opinions on these issues, nor are their opinions base on being willing to research the pros and cons so as to determine the ramifications of the outcome of such national laws going into effect. It comes down to important decisions are being made due to the emotions of individuals.

This in my opinion, is not the best way to better serve ourselves and our country. It is best that we do not fall into an emotional trap, but rather take the time to study the issues carefully and make intelligent  decisions based on the pros and cons. After we have done this, and if a decision is to be made, be willing ( you own volition) to make it since now you are intelligent enough for it to be right for you.

Finally,  let's get to your opinion as to who lies the most- fishermen or golfers. My opinion is golfers. That is because I live next to the fairway of a golf course and my house gets hit with lots of golf balls. It is a privately owned public course, so there are lots of low skilled golfers. I notice they do not count penalty strokes if any, nor even the right amount of strokes they took on the hole. I think if a fisherman claims he caught a large fish, he would want  to show it to others unless he was alone and threw it back. What do you think?

Now, as to your decision to join GDI, don't just cast it off thinking it is just another scam (your emotion) but make a decision based on your willingness to become knowledgeable about it

To watch a 7 minute movie about the opportunity--http://my.ws/tkeeton


P.S. I should have added politicians to the list of liers. Also, I'm sorry if I have offended you golfers. You all are nice people. I've broken a window with a sliced ball. Just offer to pay for it and make a friend.