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The Fun In life Is In Learning About New Things. So Many Things Are Free To Study

Posted by Travis Keeton

I could easily become addicted to setting in front of my laptop and seeing so many things to learn about. I know I must practice self control because I do have many other things to be doing with my time. I do keep busy even though I am 80 years young. Keeping interested and busy helps one to stay young.

I think lots of my desire is because I am naturally curious about so many things. There is always a new technology that keeps coming out which changes the way we get what we always seem to have gotten but now it is obtained differently. A quick example is the telephone. It seems a few years ago all phones were operating because wires connected everyone. Take the phone booths; we would drop in a quarter to call someone when we were out and about.  I remember it was in the late seventies, that I found one with a long cord so that I could park my auto next to it and talk to someone while sitting in my car. I'd say--" you know where I am? I am in my car talking to you"  I thought that was technology. What a change it  is now! It still is a phone call but done in a wireless digital manner and in some cases while we look at each other as we talk on an Ipad.

This is only one example that means nothing to teenagers who carry smart phones everywhere, not knowing about older phone systems. There are so many things that are done differently. I need no stamps to get this blog sent around the world immediately. In just a few years no one will need cable TV. Many have dropped cable already and get their TV shows through their computer and internet by streaming to a TV set. The result is the same but accomplished differently. If you are an investor, it would be wise to be careful what you invest in as it may be replaced with a newer way of accomplishing the same end result. An example is how the MP3 replace how you store your music. It did away with the records and turn tables on which to play them.

There is one thing that is safe from being replaced. It's just the opposite, as it will keep expanding in growth. That one thing is the need for domain names and internet connection. That is why Global Domain International ( GDI) is a good opportunity.

Don't you see that it is time that you may want to get involved in having a website or blog site that you can utilize for your advantage? If you haven't thought about  looking at the opportunity, maybe some of the courses that you can freely get here at the Udemy site will spark that interest. Some have a price, but some are free. When you click on the Udemy site,  move around the courses for locating the free ones. Most free ones are to get you to the various social media courses which are the ones you want. Then click the courses you have registered for and they will remain at Udemy for easy access as you take the courses. They will be listed under ' Your Courses'

This is where you can get courses on a variety of subjects.  It helps you view what is available to get more traffic to your online business site. Anyone concerned on how to get involved with marketing online will find it helpful. It could motivate someone to become a GDI Affiliate  and join the excitement of learning new things.----Here it is ....https://www.udemy.com/courses/

Here is one of the free courses that I think is helpful in marketing your website to go viral.

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Here Is How to face Problems

Posted by Travis Keeton

Hello again! Thanks for reading some of my posts.

I  occasionally get thoughts that enter my mind and I feel like writing about them. Today I want to make a point in saying something about how to cope with problems. We all experience them from time to time as they come in different forms and magnitude.

It appears, with exceptions of course, that having access to more money in most cases would help greatly to alleviate those unwanted obstacles we call problems. However, it has been my experience that the best way to overcome a problem is to face it head on quickly. Do not ignore them or put off seeking a solution. All that will do is prevent having a good night's sleep.

That is why I think it is worth your time to consider the Global Domains International, Inc. opportunity. The $10.00 per month fee is a bargain for all that you get. Internet is where the action is, and will always be when it comes to communication. Any form of business requires the use of the internet.

There is no competition to GDI's MLM marketing method. No other provider of domains, hosting, and e-mail services offer a more lucrative money making program. There are no products to ship or have shipped to you.

There are no meetings to attend. The best part of this business, that is often overlooked, is there is no selling for you to do. ( Now in some cases , you will want to do it because it  comes naturally.) We say there is no selling because once you get people finding your site, leads will come and you just direct them to watch the GDI videos which will do most of the selling for you. It is not a big deal for someone to try it free for 7 days with no obligation and they can cancel at anytime because there are no contracts to sign. The only qualification for you to stay in business is purchase your website and emails from them for $10.00 per month. Your earnings will very soon be more than that. In effect you get the service for free while still growing your business.

This is how to face money problems head on. Do not try walking away from them. To help you remember this, let me relate the facing issue to something you will understand and remember. Picture yourself as a patient in a hospital just getting out of bed and in walks your next door neighbor. All you have on is a hospital gown. I bet you will continue facing forward because to walk away exposes your backside. That is one problem we would usually agree to face and not turn away from. Think about that analogy the next time you consider walking away from a problem.

When you have an Internet business utilizing a free trial, you need a landing page for customers to land on and watch a video that provides the details.

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If you do what you've always done, you'll get what you've always gotten--TONY ROBBINS

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