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I Just Had To Add This To My Blog Site. The US Constitution Free Course

Posted by Travis Keeton

Hi again,,

I just received this in one of my emails and since it is from a very good source, I felt I wanted to link it into my blog so that anyone interested in our US Constitution may want to take advantage of the free course. We must guard against our own government violating our constitutional rights. Our freedoms are under attack from someone almost all the time.

Thank you..  I am Travis and always thinking of everyone that may read my blogs. Just click on the address below for information on signing up for the course.


Now after you get registered, and have your username( usually your email name), then you can sign in to start the course at ----https://online.hillsdale.edu/login

This is a fine college that I wish all Americans knew about and take advantage of learning more about how to protect our freedoms.